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Kando Trip 2.0 Rages On As Sony Welcomes The Public

We're only halfway through Sony Kando Trip 2.0 and the energy and enthusiasm surrounding the bonanza of imaginative shooting experiences, collaboration and education only continues to swell. Even though the wonderland of Kando has been live since Monday, a notable thing happened yesterday. Sony opened the gates of Kando Trip and welcomed members of the public to the join experience for the first time ever. The rest of the week Kando Trip 2.0 will see members from every corner of Sony's imaging community in the same place at the same time creating together. Participants will get unprecedented access to a deep roster of Sony Artisans of Imagery and members of the Alpha Imaging Collective that includes exclusive shooting experiences, specialized classes and workshops. Attendees also have access to the massive inventory of Sony lenses, bodies, and accessories to check out throughout the event and the change to win them in daily giveaways! After a roaring opening night of a beachside barbeque, live bands, and s'mores under the stars, the second phase of Kando 2.0 has continued the nonstop creative experience.


Find more images and footage of Kando Trip 2.0 on Instagram at #SonyKandoTrip and on the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel as well as continued coverage through the week and beyond here on AlphaUniverse.com.




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