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Review Roundup: New Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master

The new Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master combines an impressive shallow depth of field for maximum creative expression with incredible light gathering capabilities. First impressions of the new lens are rolling out and reviewers are talking about its high-performance autofocus, impressive sharpness and beautiful bokeh. See more of their thoughts in our review roundup below. 

First impressions of the new lens are rolling out and reviewers are talking about its high-performance autofocus, impressive sharpness and beautiful bokeh. See more in our review roundup.

ZY Productions

“I think this lens could actually focus faster than I could blink. The best work that I can use to describe how fast this lens focuses is hit scan. I think testing on the new a1 did contribute to this but the focus drive speed on this is the fastest of any 50mm lens I’ve ever used. And it feels a little physicifying because it’s an f/1.2. You see even Sony can’t really change how heavy the glass in an f/1.2 weighs, but what they did is crammed four focus motors in to split the load. There are four Linear XD motors in here. The 35mm GM from awhile ago? That had only two. This 50mm also doesn’t breathe too much as you rack focus. This is quite an extreme demonstration since I am stopped way down, but at large aperture it’s barely anything.”

The Art Of Photography

“As you can see the rendering on this lens is absolutely gorgeous. Edge-to-edge sharpness is very impressive. Vignetting is really well controlled and chromatic aberration, well, I had to try to get it.”

Imaging Resource

“Early impressions suggest that Sony has hit a home run with its 13th G Master lens. While there is more testing to be done, there's a lot to like so far about the Sony FE 50mm f/1.2 G Master lens. It performs very well at its maximum aperture of f/1.2, delivering good sharpness at the (very shallow) plane of focus and smooth bokeh in front of and behind the subject. The lens is also impressively compact and lightweight, given its fast aperture and large glass elements.” – Jeremy Gray

Read the full review here.

Miguel Quiles

“I really wasn’t expecting a fast aperture lens to perform this well across the board. To find a lens that offers fast aperture, top shelf bokeh, fast and accurate auto focus and a compact and light package, makes this a truly special lens for Sony shooters.”

Gerald Undone

“I’m pleased with this lens’ rendering and resolving power. Overall, this is a top-quality lens that comes in lighter and a little cheaper than the competition. And if you can put a 50mm f/1.2 to good use, I think you’ll be quite happy with this lens.” – Gerald Undone

DPReview TV

“Now of course a 50mm f/1.2 is going to be a shallow depth of field kind of lens and the bokeh on this lens does not disappoint. Really nice fall off from in focus to out of focus as you can see. The bokeh quality is nice. As you can see there’s no messiness here – no soap bubble effect. Really smooth, really soft.” – Chris Niccolls

“This is one of those nice videos where I get to review a lens that’s optically ideal with very few compromises, but this is really keeping with a lot of their other G Master primes. I mean the 24mm was excellent, even the 35mm was fine, so you know they’re all excellent primes that you can choose from and this 50mm really is quite amazing.” – Chris Niccolls

Gordon Laing

The Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master becomes the best quality standard lens for the E-mount to date, delivering the razor-sharp details and smooth rendering we’ve come to recognize from Sony’s premium lens series. It’s sharp across the frame even wide open at f/1.2, performs well throughout it’s focusing range from near to far, and is well featured with weather sealing, de-clickable aperture, rubber-tipped lens hood and focusing that’s smooth, fast and quiet.” – Gordon Laing

B&H Photo Video

“Let’s face it, many of us love fast lenses for their performance wide open, and the 50mm f/1.2 GM’s performance at maximum aperture is exemplary. Whether shooting in direct sunlight with pleasing bokeh and suppressed fringing, or rendering contrast beautifully in low light.” – Derek Fahsbender

“The Sony FE 50mm f/1.2 G Master lens is not only an extremely capable prime lens in one of the most widely utilized focal ranges, it is a fitting addition to a growing family of lenses dedicated to performance, precision and the pursuit of perfecting optics. As we see camera technology take huge strides in areas such as autofocus and video capabilities, it’s great to see a lens that still seamlessly matches the stellar hyper performance of Sony’s latest cameras. A 50mm lens is that go-between focal range that always seems to work for the shot, regardless of what you’re taking photos or videos of. And no matter what kind of photography you are, this is a lens that fits in your kit, literally.” – Derek Fahsbender

Kai W

“Even with all the lens compensations turned off, it shows hardly any chromatic aberration on those contrasty bits and low distortion.” – Kai W

“...it’s all good news – the bokeh is blooming marvelous. Undoubtedly it produces some of the most eye-pleasing bokeh I’ve ever seen for a while. It just takes visual elements that might end up looking jarring and mashes the heck out of it – turning it into a lovely bokeh puree.” – Kai W

Samy’s Camera

“It’s definitely going to be a favorite lens. This should be in a lot of people’s arsenal because it’s fantastic. I mean you can see as I’m shooting it’s just pegging that eye and it’s so easy and quick for it to focus. Especially for an f/1.2 lens. And it’s lightweight. For a 1.2 lens it doesn’t weigh a lot at all, it’s not bulky.” – Scott Robert Lim

Mark Galer

“A better bit of bokeh is really what this lens is all about. And as you can see this is photographed in quite low ambient light, but that’s not a problem for this lens at all. Those 11 circular aperture blades give that beautiful bokeh on this lens.”

“When comparing this to other fast 50s, this is not just fast in aperture, it’s fast in focus. So this is certainly a lens I’m going to be adding to my stable of 85mm and 135mm fast aperture primes.”

Jenna Ezarik

“I have to say, the shallow depth of field that you are able to get with f/1.2 is mindblowing.” – Jenna Ezarik

“For photographers, this is really good for portraits, landscape, low light – any type of choice where you’re trying to get that really juicy, crispy bokeh. Also for videographers and vloggers who want that nice blurred background.” – Jenna Ezarik

Manny Ortiz

“So let’s be honest here, how sick is it to be able to shoot at f/1.2 on a camera like the a1 or maybe the α7S III (I haven’t tried it yet.) But, to be able to get perfect focus on the eyeball almost all the time with moving subjects, with the depth of field being so thin...that’s pretty insane.”

“I think that Sony making a 50mm the size of an 85mm f/1.4 G Master at an f/1.2 with autofocus...I’m actually a little bit mindblown. Because I kind of fed into the hype that oh Sony has a prop center mount, they’re not going to be able to make a 1.2 glass – everyone kept talking about that. And I’m genuinely hyped that Sony did this and with the capabilities of being able to shoot at 1.2...think about this for a second...1.2 being able to shoot video, you’re going to get ultra cinematic footage with a crazy amount of background blur. And let’s say you’re shooting something at dusk or blue hour, you’re going to get huge bokeh balls in the background if you’re doing video. And it even makes me lean more toward the Alpha 1 because the Alpha 1 is just a monster.”

Julia Trotti

“I feel like Sony is really on a roll so far with their lenses this year because I love the 35mm f/1.4 G Master and I love this lens as well. When you zoom in you can see so much texture – her skin, every eyelash, her iris and her hair all have so much detail.” – Julia Trotti

“I had so much fun shooting on this 50mm f/1.2 GM. It’s such a dreamy lens. I feel like it really suits my style of photography with the beautiful bokeh and the backlight. I really, really loved using this today.” – Julia Trotti


“First of all, it’s super fast. You never miss a shot. To be with this fast aperture at f/1.2 
And not miss a shot – that’s a big accomplishment.” – Oveck Reyes

“It feels very similar to the 50mm f/1.4. The weight and the way it feels in my hand is pretty similar, but the fact that it’s f/1.2 is a game changer for me.” – Paola Franqui


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