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See How These Photographers Capture Dramatic Lightning Strikes (Rule 1: Be Safe!)

Photographing lightning seems like capturing something otherworldly. With dark clouds, outstanding colors and the drama of an elemental force, lightning images are breathtaking. It's important to note that stormchasing is a dangerous business and you need to be well-informed and well-prepared in order to stay safe. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite lightning images to check out on Instagram. These photographers are pros at capturing lightning images and they are well versed in how to stay safe while doing it. Make sure you check out their accounts and give them a follow! Tag your own Sony shots on Instagram with #SonyAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

With dark clouds, outstanding colors and that dramatic flare – these lightning images are strikingly beautiful. 

Gary Hart - @garyhartphoto

Sony Artisan Gary Hart has been documenting the natural world’s beauty for many years. Hart’s photography uses natural light to convey a world untouched by humans. He is an expert at capturing lightning, often traveling to iconic landscapes to do so. In this image he was at the Grand Canyon with his Sony Alpha 7R III and Sony 24-70mm f/4. Check out Hart’s guide to photographing lightning HERE

Stan Moniz - @stanmoniz

Stan Moniz is an adventure and astrophotographer based in Southern California. The Alpha Collective member is known for vivid land and seascapes as well as stunning images of the sky, including astro and lightning photographs. We love this reel he put together of some of his best lightning images. Moniz also has a great story highlight on his Instagram page where you can see some of his behind the scenes of storm chasing and how he captures these images on his Sony Alpha 1!

Emric Ibt - @emric_imbertie_photography

Emric Ibt is a French landscape, sports, and strom photographer. His Instagram account is full of stunning storm and lightning images. We love seeing the lightning crackle through the sky all throughout his Instagram grid. The image below was taken in Donzenac, France on his Sony Alpha 7 II. In the caption he describes the lightning like hairy spiders legs - which we find totally accurate!

Sarah H. Alsayegh - @sarah_alsayegh

Sarah Alsayegh is a Kuwait based landscape photographer and storm chaser, and Sony Ambassador.  Alsayegh has an incredible talent for making the clouds strong characters in her imagery, which can be seen in this image she made in Colorado. She shot this on a Sony Alpha 7R II. Check out this interview with her where she breaks down how to get into storm chasing safely! 

Aaron Blanc - @aaronblancphotos

Aaron Blanc is a landscape and nature photographer based out of Albuquerque, NM. With his Sony kit he takes outstanding landscape images throughout the American West. The image below has won a number of awards - and we can see why! We love the sweeping view of the city along with the lightning bolt down the center of the frame.

Ashley Cheney - @ashtakespictures_

Ashley Cheney is a nature and landscape photographer based in Arizona. Using her Sony Alpha 7 III, Cheney has a knack for capturing sunsets with outstanding color. We love the composition of this image, how it is not an expansive landscape but rather, something closer to a detail shot of the scene with lightning. The silhouette really draws the eye to the crack of lightning, then around the frame. And the slight motion blur from the trees gives the feeling of the energy from the storm.

Justin Saxton - @surfjks

Sunset, sunrise, beach and astro-photographer Justin Saxton lives in Florida. One night he was awoken by a thunderstorm, where he was able to make this image. We love the color tones and the reflections off the water. Check out Saxton's Instagram account for more beautiful landscape and nature images of Florida.

Mike Olbinski - @mikeolbinski

Mike Olbinski is an Emmy-winning filmmaker, photographer, and storm chaser based in Phoenix, Arizona. And after scrolling through his Instagram account, you’ll see that Olbinski has really mastered the art of storm chasing and photography! We adore the colors in this image. How the frames shifts from blue to pink, divided by the strike of lightning that seems to ripple through the mountains. Be sure to give him a follow for stunning images, timelapse, and inspiration.


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