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See How These TikTokers Make Awesome Homemade Commercials

TikTok is an excellent place to share creative video content. From run and gun style, shot on your phone to highly produced video clips – many filmmakers and content creators have flocked to TikTok to share their work and get noticed. A current trend in the filmmaking community is to create “fake ads” for products. Filmmakers often produce these right in their own homes, by themselves. It’s a great way to showcase their skills, creativity and video style. Check out these Sony filmmakers creating fake ads and sharing them on TikTok! Don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for more Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

Check out the creative fake commercials these video shooters are making and sharing on TikTok.

Jona Daniel - @thisisjonadaniel

Jona Daniel is a filmmaker and content creator who has gained over 600,000 followers making fake ads on TikTok on his Sony Alpha 7S III. His major success was with a fake ad for Pepsi that got 85 million views. And we can see why – the ad turned out spectacular!

Johnny Gromis - @johnnygromis

Video creator Johnny Gromis has also hopped on the fake commercial trend, shooting pretend ads in his bedroom. We love this one for White Claws below. He uses some great camera movements and we love the macro shots with the water droplets. Be sure to check out his TikTok for more behind the scenes content.

Grace Wells - @gracewellsphoto

Grace Wells adds a level of humor to her fake ad content. Rather than selecting a well-known brand, Wells will often make an ad for a general household item or product. The video below, for example, is an ad for a spoon - not a specific brand of spoons, just a plain old spoon. She’s also made ads for milk, berries and cream, and a potato. She describes this process as “making epic commercials for random objects.” And they truly are epic! Her go-to camera and lens setup is the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 and Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens. Posting these videos on TikTok has actually led to Wells directing a national commercial (for a real product this time)!

Shaq Hossain - @shaqhossain

Shaq Hossain is a filmmaker, photographer, and content creator based in Montreal. He primarily shoots commercial, documentary, lifestyle and social media projects. To show off his work, he’s been shooting spec ads for random companies and sharing them through TikTok. We love this one below for the company Ultimate Ears. His go-to camera is the Sony Alpha 7 IV. He stated, “I love the Alpha 7 IV for shooting hybrid photo and video to get portraits & B-roll.” Be sure to check out his work and follow him on TikTok.

Declann Drostan Tan - @__diditee__

Declann Drostan Tan is a video content creator with a focus on commercials. Shooting on the Sony Alpha 6400, Tan is creating epic real and fake commercials and sharing his process on TikTok. He’ll give himself interesting challenges as well, such as limiting himself to a single light. We love this fake commercial below, it really shows off his editing skills.


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