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See How This Photographer Sets Up His Sony α9 To Shoot Weddings

Jason Vinson of Fstoppers.com recently posted a video explaining the key settings he uses for his Sony α9 to help him photograph a wedding more efficiently. The technology combined with the customizable options of the Sony Alpha mirrorless system allows him to focus on taking good images rather than messing with his gear. An example of this is his use of Aperture Priority With Auto ISO.

"In the past, using aperture priority gave you the chance of having your shutter speed drop too low, resulting in motion blur," explains Vinson. "But now, with auto ISO, I have the ability to tell my camera not to drop below a certain shutter speed. If the camera needs to drop below my set shutter speed in order to maintain proper exposure, then it knows to raise the ISO. I also have the ability to tell the camera not to go above a certain ISO if I don’t like the quality of a file at higher ISO levels."

"The last piece of the puzzle that makes this the best option for me is the use of the EVF (electronic viewfinder) and exposure compensation dial, because with mirrorless cameras, you see what the image is going to look like before you hit the shutter, so there is no guesswork. If I see the image is too bright, I use my exposure compensation dial to make it darker and vice versa. So, looking through the EVF, all I care about is that my image is properly exposed, and then, I can rely on my camera to make sure that my settings are within the predefined parameters I have set."

Learn more about his Sony α9 settings for a wedding in his video below and accompanying article here.


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