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See What Creators Are Posting About The New Sony ZV-E1!

The recently announced Sony ZV-E1 is the ultimate video-centric camera with interchangeable lenses and a high performance 35mm full-frame image sensor – a dream for any vlogger! Newly positioned in Sony’s ZV vlog camera line-up, the ZV-E1 boasts a compact design, video recording options, next-generation auto focus and image stabilization, cinematic vlogging and product showcase modes, in-camera timelapse and so much more. We are already drooling over the specs from the announcement and love hearing what the Sony community has to say. Check out some thoughts from creators and the first users of this camera! Read even more about the camera in Top 10 Things To Know About The New Sony ZV-E1.

The ZV-E1 has a compact design, video recording options, next-generation auto focus and image stabilization, cinematic vlogging and product showcase modes, in-camera timelapse and more.

Sidney Diongzon - @sidneydiongzon

Sidney Diongzon is a TikTok, Instagram and YouTube content creator. Diongzon loves sharing stories through his camera and helping others do the same. His account has practical tutorials, cinematic visuals, gear reviews, and behind-the-scenes vlogs. In the post below, he shares his first thoughts on the Sony ZV-E1 stating, “Love everything about this mini A7S III, and I can’t wait to show you more that it can do…especially with the AI features.” Want to learn more about vlogging from Diongzon? Read his Six Tops Tips For Creating Better YouTube Videos.

Katarina Mogus - @enfliquecreative

Katarina Mogus is a content creator blazing her way in the world of tech hacks. Her aesthetic videos showcase different tech shortcuts that are fun, informative, and demonstrated in an authentic and stylish way. Her viewership has soared to over 2.4 million TikTok followers and 331K Instagram followers. Katarina has become a go-to expert of all thing’s tech and lifestyle hacks. We love the unboxing video of the new Sony ZV-E1 below and can’t wait to see what she creates!

Matti Haapoja - @mattih

Matti Haapoja is a freelance Director of Photography originally from Finland and now based out of Toronto, Canada. His Instagram includes travel vlogs, gear reviews, tips on photography and filmmaking, and more. As a director of photography, he’s worked with brands such as Nike, San Pelligrino, and Rhino. As a working professional, Haapoja knows his stuff, and so when he boasts how great the Sony ZV-E1 is, in the video below - we know we’re hearing it from a trustworthy source! 

M. Brandon Lee - @thisistechtoday

Brandon Lee runs the Instagram account @ThisIsTechToday, which covers a wide range of topics, including popular cell phones, computers, smart home devices, cameras, photography, videography, EVs, and more. Check out the post below where he shares his thoughts on the Sony ZV-E1 and how much is packed into such a small body.

Reilín Joey - @reilin

Reilín Joey is a young dutch-english director & editor with a passion for dynamic visuals & exciting storytelling, always aiming for high-end results with a fresh & minimalistic approach to working on set. He recently went to Morocco and shot this short film on the Sony ZV-E1. The incredible footage speaks for itself!

Jacques Crafford - @jacques_crafford

Jacques Crafford is a freelance director of photography and editor living in South Africa and an ambassador for Sony Alpha Middle East and Africa. His Instagram and YouTube are intended to teach his audience how to create cinematic videos. Crafford breaks down elements of a production piece by piece. He’s stated, “The ZV-E1 in my opinion will be the most important video camera of 2023. It perfectly bridges the gap between the consumer and the professional with high level quality performance on a budget. If there ever was a time to get serious about video, the ZV-E1 is the best incentive.” 

Jason Morris - @jasonmorrisphotocinema

Jason Morris is a cinematographer based in Australia. He posts filmmaker-related content, including behind-the-scenes and gear videos on his YouTube Channel and Instagram account. He’s been testing out all the features of the Sony ZV-E1 including how far you can push the footage in color grading, the camera stability and auto focus tracking. Check out what he’s produced in the video below! 

Nick DiGiovanni - @nick.digiovanni

Nick DiGiovanni is a chef, food content creator, and world record holder for numerous food-related feats. After becoming the youngest-ever finalist on MasterChef, Nick rapidly garnered a loyal, eager-to-learn audience for his award-winning video content. Take a look at the video below, where he talks through the Sony ZV-E1's features while making fried chicken - talk about mouthwatering! 

Connor Franta - @connorfranta

Connor Franta is an award-winning author, content creator, entrepreneur, and humanitarian who uses his expansive social platform to advocate for and spotlight the LGBTQ+ community. He is a master storyteller through a variety of platforms and methods. On Instagram, he shares aesthetic images and get-ready-with-me vlogs. In the video below, he shares a-day-in-his-life vlog shot on the Sony ZV-E1

Justin Dunna McDonough - @dunnadidit

Justin Dunna McDonough, also known as Dunna is a content creator focused on gear reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, and even the occasional vlog. He’s been sharing his reviews of the Sony ZV-E1 on his Instagram and (spoiler alert) he loves it!  In the video below he is showcasing the audio quality. He states, “Say goodbye to muffled audio with the Sony ZV-E1 feature that automatically switches the microphone pickup direction based on your shooting angle.” This feature is perfect for vloggers  like him! 


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