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Sony α5000 Punches Above It's Weight

The Sony ɑ5000 is known as the entry-level model in Sony’s compact mirrorless system camera line, but don't let its size fool you. This camera packs a punch. Touting a 20.1mp Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, BIONZ X processor, full HD video recording, tiltable LCD panel, 4fps burst capabilities, and 480 shot battery life, this camera is more than capable.

According to photographers, reviewers, and vloggers alike, this compact camera is among the best choices to achieve professional quality without spending professional money. Coming in at only $350 USD, the Sony ɑ5000 is “a no brainer.” Many in the vlogging community in particular find the ɑ5000 to be their ideal camera for it's combination of price, full HD video recording and flip up LCD screen (when in it's "selfie" position it's ideally-placed as a monitor for one-man vlogging operations).  

There's been a lot written about the ɑ5000. Here are some of the reviews:


"Looking and feeling very much like a compact camera, thanks to the combination of the finger-tip zoom lever and the 16-50mm power-zoom kit lens, the small and lightweight Sony ɑ5000 is a great introduction to interchangeable lens cameras." - Mark Goldstein, PhotographyBlog


"Indeed in a lot of respects it's a lot more attractive than an entry-level DSLR: you get the same sized sensor as most DSLRs and the chance to swap lenses, but squeezed into a much smaller and lighter body. And unlike DSLRs at this price point, the ɑ5000 also sports a screen which can flip up to face the subject, along with built-in Wifi for wireless transfer of images and smartphone remote control." - Ken McMahon, CameraLabs


"With its 20.1MP APS-C sensor and $499 kit price, the Sony Alpha ɑ5000 is a no-brainer recommendation. This would be an excellent move for those of leaving the land of compacts for an interchangeable lens camera." - David Elrich, Digital Trends


"The ɑ5000 is capable of producing some great quality images which are packed with detail, are great at high sensitivities and have beautiful, warm colours. An excellent buy for those looking for their first compact system camera. Image quality is good, handling is great and there's a good solid system for E Mount cameras." - Amy Davies, TechRadar


"For those looking for one of the smallest possible mirrorless cameras with an APS-C CMOS sensor, with a built in flash and built in Wi-Fi, the Sony Alpha ɑ5000 would make an excellent choice, especially as it is competitively priced." - Joshua Waller, ePhotoZine


"Sony’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera to date, the Alpha ɑ5000 is worth flagging amongst rivals for featuring a physically large APS-C sensor that is well-endowed with 20 million pixels. The A5000 provides one of the easiest and most accessible routes to achieving more professional-looking shots for anyone upgrading from a smartphone." - Gavin Stoker, MacWorld


"...for family snapshots its focus speed and high ISO performance are more than up for the task, delivering the image quality you'd expect from an SLR in a much smaller package. Integrated Wi-Fi makes it easy to share photos right after they've been captured, and an in-camera guide provides tips to help photographic neophytes take better shots." - Jim Fisher, PCMag


"We'd buy this interchangeable lens camera for a couple of reasons: the small size, and the capable auto mode. It's one of those cameras where you can set it up the way you want using manual settings, or you can just let the auto mode do the heavy lifting. For most scenes, the auto mode will do a tremendous job. That's good peace of mind for those of you who sometimes just want to point and shoot without having to worry about what's going on with the settings." - Elias Plastiras, PCWorld


"If you’re looking for an entry-level mirrorless camera, you just can’t get any better than the Sony Alpha ɑ5000. It packs a huge sensor in an extremely compact body, takes impressive stills and video and is packed with features that will appeal to both casual users and seasoned pros. Definitely one of the best entry-level mirrorless cameras on the market." - ReviewLamp

John Sison

"Image and video quality is really something to look forward to with this camera, especially if you’re stepping up from a point-and-shoot or just want something a lot better than what your smartphone has to offer." - John Sison

Terry's Tech & Things

"If all you’re doing is stuff like this for YouTube, or even if you’re a more advanced user but you just want a little backup camera for YouTube videos, or just for content creation in general, then guys I cannot recommend this Sony ɑ5000 enough. It is absolutely wonderful." - Terry's Tech & Things

Cryptic Results

"The autofocus is terrific, audio is amazing, it’s got an LCD that flips around, it can mount on a tripod, so I think that’s all that you need when it comes to Vlogging or just doing YouTube in general. I think this does an above average job when it comes to video quality in low-light." - Cryptic Results

So And So Films

"For it to be the cheapest compact system camera in Sony’s lineup right now, I really do like it. If I was going to be an entry level user, and I don’t want a point-and-shoot but I can’t really get a DSLR, this would be fantastic." - So And So Films



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