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Sony α7R III Wins DPReview Gold Award

The Sony α7R III has won the coveted DPReview Gold Award. In their comprehensive review, the DPReview staff puts the camera to the test in a variety of still and video shooting situations. Here are some of the highlights from the in-use review:

"Essentially it can be seen as an α7R II that inherits many of the lessons learned from the company's pro-sports model, the α9. This means faster processing, improved autofocus, improved handling and ergonomics, as well as the adoption of a much larger battery. While some of the individual changes are subtle, they very quickly combine to produce a hugely capable and highly useable camera."

"The sheer capability of the Sony α7R III is hard to overstate. With the sports-oriented α9, Sony was aiming for outright speed; the α7R III has inherited much of that, but offers far more resolution and dynamic range...the α7R III is a camera that you can shoot just about anything with, from landscapes to fast action."

"It's fair to say that the Sony α7R III is a great option for an incredibly wide variety of photographers. Offering great image quality, fast burst shooting speeds, high quality 4K video and a reasonably compact package, it's an incredibly well-rounded offering. The endless customization options can be daunting at first, but in the end, it's a camera equally at home capturing fast action one moment, and expansive landscapes the next."

The α7R III also gets 2017 DPReview Staff Picks for Landscapes, People & Events and Cameras Over $2000.

See the full review and their sample gallery at DPReview.com.


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