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Sony Alpha 1 Hands-On Review Roundup

The new Alpha 1 combines high-resolution and high-speed performance at a level that makes it the most technologically advanced, innovative camera that Sony has ever released. Several have had the opportunity to test it out and have shared their first impressions online. Check out some of the hands-on reviews from across the web for the Sony Alpha 1 below.

See what reviewers are saying about the new Alpha 1 – the most technologically advanced, innovative camera that Sony has ever released.

Gordon Laing

“Based on these initial results, the Alpha 1 is clearly capable of excellent photo quality straight out of camera. Arguably a fraction better than the EOS R5 if we’re pixel-peeing individual frames. But with the added potential for very high resolutions in the pixel shift mode under the right conditions.”

Gerald Undone

“This is a very interesting camera. It’s absolutely superb. It’s one of those rare cases where the jack of all trades is somehow also better than the specified masters.” – Gerald Undone


“In the end, the Sony Alpha 1 is Sony’s best full-frame Alpha-series camera yet. It exceeds the expectations in photo and video mode. It has a great battery life, 8K video is fantastic, and 30fps photo burst mode is a game-changer. I thought nothing could take the place of the α7S III in my heart, but the Sony Alpha 1 did.” – Faruk Korkmaz

Drew Geraci

“Overall the Alpha 1 exceeded my expectations in almost every area. When I first heard the camera launch I was kind of excited, but not that excited about it...but it wasn’t until I actually started shooting with it that it really opened my eyes to just how amazing the image quality is on this camera. And it’s really kind of left me questioning, am I actually going to need my other cameras like my α7S III and my α7R IV, because this camera literally does it all. It’s got high megapixels. It also shoots super fast. It shoots 8K video. The 4K video on it looks incredible. There’s really nothing this camera can’t do at this point.” – Drew Geraci

Sara Dietschy

“I really think above all else, if people don’t use 8K in their workflow right now...I mean this camera is essentially future-proofed. I still use the α7S III sometimes and having 4K in that camera back in the day was crazy. Who’s going to use 4K? But hey, it’s super useful not just for future-proofing but also cropping into scenes. I use this angle a lot and I do the crop-in and maybe I’m showing products. Well, it might be helpful to have that extra resolution.” – Sara Dietschy

Julia Trotti

“MY mind is blown. This focus test we did here...I just can’t wrap my brain around how fast this camera shoots and focuses.”

Jason Vong

“It allows you to record and reframe your shot and still get picture-perfect results, especially when you have those split-second moments where your caught with your pants down but you still need to get the shot. Oops, the framing wasn't perfect. BUT you can crop to make it perfect. Now, I know generally there's a stigma about cropping your photos like, 'Oh a good photographer would just get it right in camera.' Well, if you can, that's great. But for moments like these where you can't, something like a 50 megapixel camera can save you a shot." – Jason Vong

The Art Of Photography

“The Alpha 1 is not only one of the most impressive cameras that I’ve ever seen Sony produce, it’s one of the most impressive cameras I’ve ever seen. In terms of what it will give you: 8K video, 4K video at 120p, you can do 30 fps burst shooting on this at 50 megapixels. If that’s too much for you, you’ve got some other modes. You can do a crop mode or you can do this M mode, where it just reduces it to a 20 megapixel image. It’s got an enormous amount of versatility and this is a pro-level body.” – Ted Forbes

Manny Ortiz

"Low light autofocus is extremely important, especially in my studio. Even when her eyes aren't even visible, I'm getting near instantaneous lock on her eye every time."

"I'm in a studio with a lot of natural light that comes in during the day. Being able to go up to 1/400-sec. on my camera allows me to control the ambient lighting in here, so I'm able to make it darker in here if I want." – Manny Ortiz

B&H Photo Video

“Shooting with this camera just makes me feel like I can shoot anything. The Alpha 1 is, quite simply, a zero-compromise camera in both stills and video. The resolution, the speed, the autofocus, are just so, so reliable. You would have to try to miss a shot with this thing. More importantly though, because it hits all of these targets, there’s almost no professional photographer who’s left out here. 8K video is simply unreal, and the versatility as a 4K camera means you can pretty much shoot any scene you want.” – Doug Guerra


“Overall I think the Alpha 1 is worthy of the name ‘Beast.’ I’m reading a lot of comparisons with other cameras...the fact is that some of the technology in this camera is in a category of its own. I just want better tools in the hands of all creative people, and it’s essential for technology to keep pushing boundaries and move forward.” – Sal D’alia


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