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Sony FX6 Hands On Review Roundup

The new Sony FX6 offers advanced video features and is made for content creators on the go. A number of creators had the chance to try it out in advance of its launch and are sharing their thoughts around the web. Check out these YouTube reviews for the new Sony FX6: 

Gerald Undone

“If you need more professional features like timecode, SDI output, DCI 4K at true 24p, shutter angle, or even just the features that come with this style of body, like active cooling, and the client-appearing appearance of using a bigger, more professional-looking camera – then you can get all that at a much more compelling price point to the FX9 without really giving anything up.” 

Matti Haapoja

“It’s hard not to recommend this if you’re looking to get a cinema camera. The FX6 should be really high on if not at the top of your list. It’s such a versatile camera. It just might be the best documentary camera ever because of how capable it is. Yet still having a really small and lightweight design, you could easily film a pretty high end music video on this thing. Narrative work, weddings, heck, you could even travel with this thing because it is so light. I could even vlog on this. I could literally vlog on this because it’s so small and lightweight.”

Matt WhoisMatt Johnson

“In my α7S III review, I said that the autofocus made it feel like the camera was reading my mind. Well don’t worry, that autofocus makes an appearance here on the FX6 as well. Face detect, eye detect, tap to focus – it’s all here and it’s just as good as the α7S III.

“Pretty nice upgrades, right? Well I’m saving the biggest for last. What is one of the most-loved features of a cinema camera? Internal ND filters. And the FX6 comes packed with arguably the best ND filter available in any camera – Sony’s electronic variable ND.”

“As someone that loves the α7S III, it’s easy for me to love this camera as well.”


“I think what they've done is taken the full-frame sensor performance out of their mirrorless lineup of cameras and just like the FX9, put it into a body that's even smaller and has all those features that you'd want in a run and gun package. A camera that you can buy and right out of the box just start using..."

Potato Jet 

“My biggest draw for wanting to use this over the a7S III is right here – that variable electronic ND. This thing is magical. I can pop on my ND filter and with the press of a button, I can dial in exactly how strong I want that variable ND to be.”

Georges CamerasTV

"The Sony FX6 is a very unique cinema camera and one that's going to be pretty popular out in the market. First of all, what I love most about this camera is that they've incorporated Sony's best features from their α-series, such as the α7S III, into this camera in a form factor that is more familiar with cinema users. And with the ergonomics that a more professional video person or enthusiast would appreciate using."

"All in all, as a package, the Sony FX6 has it all. It sports the best features from the Sony Alpha lineup. You've got all the ergonomics and features you would expect from Sony cinema cameras and backed up with Sony's innovation."


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