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Sony ZV-E10 Hands-On Review Roundup

The new Sony ZV-E10 offers vlogging-specific features and functions to help creators advance their skills and expand their creative expression. These features combined with the video-first design and a lightweight form factor make it a camera that YouTube creators are especially excited about. Several have had the opportunity to test it out and have shared their first impressions online. Check out some of the hands-on reviews from across the web for the Sony ZV-E10 below.

Catch the latest buzz on the new Sony ZV-E10 in this roundup of hands-on reviews from across the web.

Tech360.TV – Bobby Tonelli

“I think the price point is fantastic. I think the quality that it delivers, especially for the price point, is again Sony sort of flexing their muscles and saying this is what we can bring to the table and sort of change the consumer camera market, especially for videographers out there. And I think this is a great way to get people into video.” – Bobby Tonelli

“Yes, the ZV-1 last year was a really nice camera but it’s a very compact camera, and of course with a one-inch sensor vs. an APS-C sensor, you’re going to get much better image quality out of a camera system like this. You have the versatility of an interchangeable lens. You have all the same features such as product showcase and background defocus. You have the ability to go from wide angle to telephoto zoom on this from the camera or from the lens itself. And it’s just a package that is fantastic.” – Bobby Tonelli

ShortCircuit – Brandon Lee

“So you might be asking, ‘Who is this camera for?’ And honestly, it’s for everyone. Because if you’re a beginner and you want an easy to use, high-quality camera with good autofocus and a sensible layout, this is a really good option. And if you’re a professional and you already own a camera and need a B-camera, or you need something that has professional features like SLOG-3 or slow motion, this is a great option if you want something a lot smaller that you can travel with. All of these four lenses and the body and batteries, and there is still space in the camera bag. So I think Sony has a winner here. They’ve taken the best of both worlds on their vlogging camera and their APS-C cameras and put it into one at a price point that I think most people can afford if they’re trying to take video seriously.” – Brandon Lee

DPReview TV – Chris Niccolls

“...now we have a camera that gives us better control over depth of field and lets us expand well beyond the focal range limitations of the ZV-1. The real thing here is if you’re going to get this camera, you want to get other lenses.” – Chris Niccolls

B&H Photo Video – Jake Estes

“To be honest this new ZV-E10 feels like Sony fused together features of an α6100 and a ZV-1 to make a personal camera that can shoot just about anything. Users can step up their photography by taking advantage of the 24 megapixel sensor and Sony’s incredible lineup of 65 E-mount lenses. Or, switch to video mode and capture beautiful cinematic video with a large APS-C sensor. High frame rates, fast and precise autofocus, clear audio quality, image stabilization, and streaming over USB make this one of the most versatile cameras on the market. ” – Jake Estes

TechRadar.com – Basil Kronfli

“We tested the ZV-E10 with a variety of lenses, including the Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS, FE 24-70mm f/2.8 OSS, FE 12-24mm f/4, and the 135mm f/1.8 GM. Handheld in bright to dim scenes, every combination delivered a rich shot with impressive depth, detail, and contrast.” – Basil Kronfli

“The Sony ZV-E10 is a logical gap-filler in Sony’s lineup. A vlogging-focused camera with an articulating screen, boosted microphones, and a compact body, it’s a powerful little video tool and takes impressive photos. The ZV-E10 definitely isn’t perfect, with its three main limitations being significant rolling shutter when panning, a non-touch menu system, and no 4K capture at 60p (which isn’t common at the price). Get past those limitations though and you'll find an affordable, video-focused hybrid with solid audio options.”  – Basil Kronfli

Read the full review here.

Jason Vong

“...there are a lot of features on this camera that just makes creating good videos easier and faster without fiddling with too many settings.”  – Jason Vong

“That’s the beauty of using the ZV-E10 as opposed to using a smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera. Because you have a myriad of lenses that you can tap into for a different look and a different view for your footage.” – Jason Vong


“So far, I’m very impressed with this. I think this is really a great camera if you’re looking to save money but also still have that interchangeable lens feature. And with that, you’re going to be able to change your lenses and be able to get some really great shots. I also love that this does have HDMI out so if you want to use this as a webcam for streaming or doing things like that. I love everything that Sony has been doing. They’ve actually been listening to creators and giving us the things that we actually need. So Sony, thank you so much.” – Justine Ezarik

Lee Zavitz

“I think that if you’re looking for a camera that gives you a little more bit creative control, other than a point-and-shoot camera and your phone, so you can put different lenses on this. There are so many different lens options that can fit on this camera because it’s a Sony E-mount so you’ve got all of Sony’s full frame lenses that can work on this as well as APS-C.” – Lee Zavitz

Digital Camera World – Rod Lawton

“The ZV-E10 is a very likeable little camera that doesn’t really break any new ground technically, and even ditches a few features that stills photographers would like to have, but for novice vloggers it’s a really good camera. It has 4K video, Sony’s excellent autofocus system, a vari-angle screen and a clip on muffler to cut wind noise. Best of all, against a backdrop of steadily climbing prices, it’s rather good value too.” – Rod Lawton

“...the vari-angle screen, the in-built mic and muffler and Sony’s class-leading video AF make this camera perfect for new vloggers, or smartphone shooters who want to up their game. Best of all, Sony has chosen a realistic price point that makes this camera accessible to novice vloggers yet still gives them everything they need.” – Rod Lawton

Read the full review here.

Adorama – Kevin Ornelas

"I had a blast shooting with this little guy. The compact size doesn't make it feel intrusive when you are vlogging. Considering I don't vlog and I felt SUPER comfortable doing it...I think I may find my new thing on YouTube." – Kevin Ornelas

Matti Haapoja

“...what makes this camera the most interesting is that it’s really the first camera that I know of that’s actually aimed at vloggers, content creators, YouTubers, and it’s not a beginner camera. This is not a beginner camera. It’s not pro-level necessary like the α7S III, but it’s not beginner. It’s somewhere in between and I actually made a whole video about the best YouTube vlogging gear and if I had known about this then, it would’ve definitely made the list.” – Matti Haapoja


“The Sony ZV-E10 is for people who are looking to get into the interchangeable lens world with an affordable and long-lasting camera. This is a great device to start learning and it has room to give you more when you want to get it out of the auto mode and take control. Plus when the time comes to switch to a more professional one, the ZV-E10 still can be your B camera, grab-and-go camera or streaming camera. I think it fills a missing category for people who are looking to get into something better than the one-inch sensor cameras without breaking the bank.” – Faruk (iPhonedo)

Sara Dietschy

“...when you have the price tag of $700 it gets really interesting because you get that versatility of the interchangeable lenses, you have the great feature where you can just plug the camera straight into your computer for your Zoom calls or Microsoft Team meetings. And maybe you don’t own actually any cameras and you’ve just been capturing everything with your phone, which is great, phones are great nowadays, but you want to start to get into the Sony system and start investing in maybe some lenses and you want some more high quality images...well this will get you there for $700 and then you can work your way up maybe to a Sony full frame camera." – Sara Dietschy


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