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The α Imaging Collective

Introducing the α Imaging Collective, a new part of the Sony α Community. The Collective is a coalition of photographers and videographers who are passionate about creating new imagery and sharing with their followers around the world. The members of The Collective are a cornerstone of the rapidly-growing α social community. Pushing the limits of their Sony cameras and lenses, the members of the α Imaging Collective create dynamic and inspiring photographs and videos that reveal their spirit of adventure.    

Video by Sal D'Alia (@timbuz)

The Inaugural Members Of The α Imaging Collective

Andy Best (@andy_best)

Dave Krugman (@Dave.Krugman)

Jess Dales (@Jess.Wandering)

Jose Silva (@JNSilva)

Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber)

Quinn Schrock (@everchanginghorizon)

Sal D'Alia (@timbuz)

Stevin Tuchiwsky (@stevint)

Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin)

Zach Allia (@zachallia)

Dave Krugman (@Dave.Krugman) (Photo by Jose Silva)


Jess Dales (@Jess.Wandering) (Photo by Jose Silva)


Jose Silva (@JNSilva) (Photo by Dave Krugman)


Kyle Huber (@asenseofhuber) (Photo by Jose Silva)


Quinn Schrock (@everchanginghorizon) (Photo by Sal D'Alia) 


Sal D'Alia (@timbuz) (Photo by Jose Silva)


Stevin Tuchiwsky (@stevint) (Photo by Jose Silva)


Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin) (Photo by Jose Silva)


Zach Allia (@zachallia) (Photo by Dave Krugman)

Andy Best (@andy_best) (not pictured)  

See some of the incredible imagery from the Alpha Imaging Collective’s epic launch adventure through the American West on their Instagram channels and check out our AlphaUniverse.com article here.

For more of the amazing photography and a day by day account of the trip through some of the most spectacular scenery in the US, check out this post by α Imaging Collective member Dave Krugman (@Dave.Krugman)

“The lightness of the mirrorless system was a boon to our efforts, the adaptability of the Alpha let us bend ourselves in new directions, and the resolution of the photographs alone allowed us to make images within images. To have the support of @sonyalpha enabled us all to go further, to forge new friendships and a deeper understanding of photography and the natural world. We left with inspiration, energy, and a renewed purpose to bring our ideas into reality.” – Dave Krugman (@Dave.Krugman)

To follow the α Imaging Collective members on their Instagram channels and #AlphaCollective. Also follow @SonyAlpha on Instagram.



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