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The Enduring Power Of Photography In Unprecedented Times

Since its invention, photography has been a powerful tool--perhaps the most powerful tool--for communicating ideals and values. Photography and video inspire us and foster empathy that transcends borders, language and socio-economic conditions. Through the camera and lens, photographer and videographers capture history as it’s happening, freezing these moments so that they will forever be a record of our collective experiences.

Over the last two weeks as people around the world have taken to the streets to raise their voices en masse, the enduring power of imaging is made plain. Where photographs and video of major events were once conveyed by a relatively small number of newspapers, magazines and television networks, social media and Instagram in particular, have enabled photographers and videographers around the world to amplify the voices of demonstrations large and small reminding us that we're all in this together, and together we'll find the way forward.

Ashe Husein – @asheh

Ashe is a New Jersey-based photographer and calls himself just a guy with a camera and a vision. He captured this powerful image during a protest this week in Asbury Park.

Craig Phelps – @craig_phelps

Craig is a documentary director of photographer and he captured these powerful images in Minneapolis, MN.

Impact Shooters – @impact.shooters, Photo by @jordana.joseph

Impact shooters is a collective Instagram account of photographers aiming to make an impact with every photo taken. The photo below was taken by creative @jordana.joseph.

Robiee Ziegler – @robiee.zee

Photographer Robiee Ziegler has documented people in their homes during social distancing for her Making Waves Project, and this week the project took on a different focus. She captured these images of different people holding peaceful, silent protests of Los Angeles residents shining flashlights into the sky from their homes. “A light in the dark symbolizes hope…”

Paola Franqui – @monaris_

Paola is a street photographer living outside of New York City. She captured these images from protests this week in New York.

Steve Nunez – @steve_nunez_creative

Steve is a Washington D.C.-based creative and he captured this photo of a peaceful protest outside The White House on June 2.

Renan Ozturk - @renan_ozturk

Renan is a photojournalist and he captured these moments of powerful demonstrations on video.


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