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These YouTube Channels Will Show You How To Raise Your Photo And Video Skills

YouTube is a great place to go to learn something new. It's filled with information and tutorials of every kind! You'd be hard pressed to find something not broken down in a YouTube video these days – that’s why YouTube is one of the best places to learn new photography and filmmaking skills. Check out these five YouTubers who are sharing their knowledge and expertise. And to learn even more, subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube.

We're spotlighting a group of channels that will show you new photo and video tips and techniques to take your skills up a notch.

Mark Bone

Mark Bone is a film director from Toronto, Canada. Through Youtube, he shares his experience on how to make better films. He adds new videos every week, showing behind the scenes looking at filmmaking and sharing his new work. His work is visually stunning and he has strong storytelling skills - and we love that he shares his knowledge through these videos. 

Jonny Roams

Jonny Roams is an outdoor and adventure photographer and a self-described “tech nerd.” His channel gives outdoor photography tips, editing advice, and tech talk. We love the video below where he shares tips for landscape photography with the Sony Alpha 7 IV. His account is a fun place to learn new photography techniques. 

Brandon Li

Brandon Li is a nomadic filmmaker. His YouTube channel has tons of inspirational work along with gear reviews and tutorials. He even has a playlist on his channel titled, “Brandon’s Film School,” where he includes every instructional video he has. We love this video below where he breaks down his Sony Alpha 6500 filmmaker kit and discusses what he uses each piece of gear for. This goes beyond the classic “camera review” video and delves into practical uses and considerations.

Manny Ortiz

Manny Ortiz is a portrait photographer and Youtube content creator currently based in Chicago, IL. His passion for photography began when his wife became pregnant with their first child. He is particularly well known for his lighting techniques, and has even created a softbox in collaboration with Westcott. His channel is a spectacular place to improve your lighting and portrait techniques.

Julia Trotti

Julia Trotti is a portrait photographer based in Sydney, Australia. In her photography, she is known for her strong composition and intense posing. Her YouTube channel is known for gear reviews and comparisons, tutorials, and behind the scenes vlogs. From editing to posing to technical settings – her channel is a one stop shop for tips and advice! In the video below, she gives her top five biggest pieces of advice for posing. 


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