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Unlock Your Creativity With Camera And Lens Tips From These YouTubers

YouTube serves as an invaluable resource for keeping up-to-date with the latest gear and accessing tutorials tailored to various creative pursuits. Moreover, numerous creative individuals generously share their expertise through vlogs and videos. Below we've curated a selection of YouTube content creators who specialize in sharing their knowledge on photography, filmmaking, Sony cameras, lenses and more. Subscribing to their channels not only allows you to expand your knowledge but also enables you to stay connected with the vibrant Sony Alpha Universe community. Check out their videos below and subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube for more from Sony Creators.

Check out this selection of YouTube content creators who specialize in sharing their knowledge of Sony cameras lenses for photography, filmmaking and more.

Keith Knittel

Keith Knittel is a videographer and designer from Ohio. He’s passionate about problem solving, creating, and helping others create. His YouTube channel focuses on content covering cameras, tech reviews, and tutorials. If you scroll through his channel, you’ll see videos from interview setups to tips to get better shots to light reviews. His top favorite cameras are the Sony FX6, Sony Alpha 7S III, Sony FX3, and Sony Alpha 7 III

In this video, Keith is giving an in-depth review from his past six months shooting with the Sony Alpha 7R V. This video doesn’t just cover the specs, it really dives into his personal experience with the camera. He says that the “RAW photos have been a complete joy to work with.” He also praises the autofocus, the video ability (both in 8k and 4k), the battery life, the articulating screen, the menu system, and more. Overall, Keith is a major fan of this camera. 

Kariza Santos – Life Of Riza

Kariza Santos is a content creator who has recently exploded on YouTube. She’s become popular for her vlogs. Her videos are stunningly shot, with a documentary feel. She shoots with the Sony FX3. Her channel covers seemingly everyday topics including finding hobbies, setting goals, and organizing her life.

In May 2023, she hit 10K subscribers on her channel, and three weeks later she hit 100K subscribers. Now, in September she’s at 329K subscribers. This video is her message to those working hard who feel like giving up, particularly content creators. It’s a beautiful little film that utilizes voiceovers and vlog style setups to share her story. She discusses her fears and lessons learned and pairs it with beautiful footage with a Wes Anderson feel to it. 

Michael Shainblum

Michael Shainblum is a photographer, filmmaker, and educator based in San Francisco, California. He has been working professionally as a photographer and filmmaker for 17 years since the age of 16. He has been commissioned by clients such as Disney, Nike, Samsung, Apple and Google. He also shares his knowledge via his Youtube Channel, covering landscape photography adventures, scenic time-lapses, tutorials and more.

In this video, Michael has created an in-depth guide to photographing wildflowers in the foreground of landscape images, and keeping them sharp in the wind. Wildflowers offer stunning colors and textures, often serving as the perfect foreground element for your landscape photography, but the wind can make this challenging, especially when you aim to get close enough to the flowers for focus stacking. Michael shoots landscapes with the Sony Alpha 1 and the Sony 16-35mm f/4.

Miranda Goes Outside

In her YouTube description, Miranda states, “I'm the outdoorsy YouTuber that one commenter called, "Obnoxiously self-confident."” This former REI employee loves nothing more than being outside and sharing that love with others. On her channel, she covers anything involved with hiking, backpacking, and camping.Her joy and excitement is infectious and has garnered nearly 100K subscribers. 

In the video below, she showcases what it;s like to backpack alone. She’s in  one of the most remote lakes in Olympic National Park and vlogs her experience with the Sony ZV-E1. She talks about many considerations for those interested in heading outdoors overnight alone for the first time. She also talks about how she transports her vlogging gear to keep it safe. Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe. 

Rebecca Carpenter

Rebecca Carpenter is a destination wedding and elopement photographer. She describes her photography style as warm and romantic, and she states: “my composition and editing are inspired by high fashion editorials, films, fashion magazines and music videos.” She certainly has a distinctive color palette to her body of work. Her YouTube mostly focuses on that editing style, Carpenter takes you into her Lightroom and shows you how she edits her RAW images. She also dives into gear selection and other advice for wedding photographers. 

The video takes you behind the scenes on an engagement shoot. This shoot is in London, and the weather is quite rainy. Rebecca says that she often gets asked if she goes ahead with a shoot if it’s raining, and she says she absolutely does, unless there is a “torrential downpour.” We get to see how Rebecca interacts with the couple, directs them, and guides them into natural poses. She is shooting on the Sony Alpha 7 III, and she shares the resulting images throughout the vlog. This is a great resource for how to make great images in less than ideal weather! 


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