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USA Today Reviews RX10 IV

USA Today Reviews RX10 IV

USA Today Reviews RX10 IV

Jefferson Graham from USA Today has raved about Sony RX10 upgrades in the past, and now he has tested out the latest edition – the Sony RX10 IV. After capturing a variety of subjects, the tech columnist and TalkingTech host says it isn't just the best yet, it's his "favorite all-around camera."

"In the past week, I’ve shot a close-up of the moon with startling clarity, captured a bird in flight as it flapped his wings and zoomed in from across the street at pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd. oblivious to a corner Batman performer," said Graham.

He adds, "This you could never do with an iPhone."

"What’s new this year is the super-fast focus. Earlier in 2017, Sony introduced the $4,500 α9 camera, which has a lightning fast focus aimed at sports photographers for capturing 20 frames in a second. That means that if a race car or cyclist is barreling around the track, you get 20 chances to snap a super sharp photo of the athlete. Odds are, one of them will be really good. That same fast focus is now on the RX10 IV as well. In a camera that's $3,000 less expensive."

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Source: "Sony's new RX10IV camera does things your iPhone could never do" - USA Today
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