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Using Sony SteadyShot with Vintage Lenses

Kishore Sawh recently covered Sony's In-Body Image Stabilization, SteadyShot, and how to use it with old, manual and adapted lenses in SLRLounge. One of the great advantages of the Sony mirrorless system is that you can adapt just about any lens to the camera and with the IBIS set properly, they're all stabilized. 

"A question we’ve seen coming up more frequently these days, likely as Sony proliferates the market, is whether Sony’s vaunted IBIS (Steadyshot) can be used with adapted lenses, old lenses, manual, non-electric lenses. Simply, it can, but you’ve got to know how."

He's right. Luckily it's very easy and takes no time at all. 

"Understand that for SteadyShot to work, the camera must know what the focal length of the lens is, and in older, vintage, manual, non-chipped lenses, or adapted lenses the camera will not necessarily be able to identify this value – not automatically. Therefore, you must tell the camera the information."

See the full article at SLRLounge.com for the step-by-step instructions.

You can also watch our 60-second Sony video on how to use stabilization with vintage lenses. You'll get a walk-through as Amber of the Eyenamics and Gear, Glasses & Gadgets team shows how she sets up SteadyShot in her α7S II for vintage lenses.


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