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5 Channels To Check Out On YouTube

YouTube is an excellent place to learn and grow within the photographic community, with many channels creating content specifically for other photographers and filmmakers. These channels are a great way to find new ideas and improve your imagery. We rounded up five Sony shooters who are creating awesome content available through their YouTube channels! Check out their videos below and be sure to subscribe for weekly inspiration. For even more education and inspiration, subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

We rounded up five Sony shooters who are creating awesome content available through their YouTube channels!

Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja is a YouTuber and freelance Director of Photography originally from Finland and now based out of Toronto, Canada. His YouTube includes travel vlogs, gear reviews, tips on photography and filmmaking, and more. And with over 1 million subscribers - he clearly has the secret sauce for YouTubing! As a director of photography, he’s worked with brands such as Nike, San Pelligrino, and Rhino. As a working professional, Haapoja knows his stuff, and so when he boasts how great the Sony FX6 is, in the video below - we know we’re hearing it from a trustworthy source! Check out his channel for more awesome content.

Micael Widell

Swedish photographer Micael Widell specializes in macro photography. Every week he comes out with new videos breaking down the ins and outs of macro photography, particularly photographing nature and wildlife. For anyone looking to get into macro work, his channel is a must-subscribe! In the video below, he discusses why full-frame is better for macro photography and why he choose to go with the Sony Alpha 7R IV

Jason Morris

Jason Morris is a professional cinematographer and YouTuber. His channel has great filmmaker-content for anyone in that field. We love the video below where he reviews the Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master lens. In the video he discusses the f/1.4 aperture, the super lightweight quality, the great autofocus, and the outstanding image quality. Morris paired the 24mm with Sony Alpha 7 IV and closes the video by stating, “overall love this lens and do recommend it.” Check out more of Morris’ go-to gear HERE.


Olittleboy, also known as “Little boy” is a freelance photographer, videographer, editor and YouTuber. His channel features his own filmmaking work along with educational content for other filmmakers. Below, is a short video he made about a trip to Alaska, this was filmed on the Sony Alpha 7 III. Subscribe to Little Boy for inspiration, education, and fun content.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a landscape photographer who makes on-location YouTube videos and shares them every Thursday. If you are looking to master landscape imagery, you’ve got to check out this channel. In the video below, he walks through astrophotography step by step - even taking you into the Sony Alpha 7 III menu system and helping you get your settings all set up. Smith’s channel is a fun and informative place to practice landscape photography!


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