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Chilly Cities: Winter Street Photographers To Check Out On Instagram

With streets that feel like wind tunnels, waking up to see the view from a frozen window, and snow that tumbles through the air onto the streets, winter in the city can be a photographic dream. As we near the end of February, winter can start to feel endless, so we gathered some of our favorite winter street images on Instagram to romanticize the cold and help you through the final push of winter. Check out these fantastic photographers and give them a follow. Then make sure you tag your own Sony shots on Instagram with #SonyAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

As we near the end of February, winter can start to feel endless, so we gathered some of our favorite winter street images on Instagram to romanticize the cold and help you through the final push of winter.

Eiichi Yoshioka – @tsukinoto

Eiichi Yoshioka is a street, documentary and festival photographer based in Japan. His street photography uses interesting perspectives and angles to create a different look. Each photo grabs your attention and has you wanting to know even more about the story.  He captured this wintry scene below using his Sony Alpha 7 III, we love how you can almost feel the texture of the snow.

Steven John Irby – @stevesweatpants

Steven is a member of the Alpha Collective and also the co-creator of @streetdreamsmag. His account is filled with beautiful black and white street photography, all with a raw and authentic style. He took the shot below in New York City. Learn about his go-to gear HERE and be sure to drop him a follow on Instagram. 

Sanmi – @capital.shutter

Sanmi is a photographer from Berlin. His aim is to capture moments rather than places, meaning he looks to tell stories and convey emotions through his imagery. He says that “I became very passionate about the art of photography as it allows me to archive the reality, to share the beauty of our planet with my ever growing community and to rediscover the ordinary.” The emotive images below were taken with the Sony Alpha 1

Tomas Milinavicius - @tomas.milinavicius

Tomas Milinavicius is a London-based photographer, that has experience in travel, street, and lifestyle photography and constantly shares all of his work on Instagram. For years he's been developing his unique editing style with consistency and made sure that it stands out from the crowd. He’s known for rich colors and saturation in his work. This snowy evening in London is no exception, we love the blue tones. 

Paola Franqui – @monaris_

Paola Franqui is an Alpha Collective member and photographer. Combining her passion for visual storytelling and photography, Monaris has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory that lives to transform brief instances of reality into movie-like scenes. These four images below really showcase that movie-feel. Each slice looks like a piece in the intro scene to a story set in the New York winter. 

Артём - @art.k.photo

Артём is a Moscow-based photographer specializing in dark and moody street photography. He shoots on the Sony Alpha 7R III, really taking advantage of its low light capabilities. His Instagram account is filled with images from the evening, lit by the street lamps or lights from a building’s windows. We love this snowy night in Moscow, even though it’s chilly and dark, there’s still beauty and joy to the images made with the Sony 85mm f/1.8

Curtis McDonald – @curtcreates

Curtis McDonald is a street and cityscape photographer based in Toronto. His Instagram features many eye-catching images, often taken with his Sony Alpha 6300. With a strong aesthetic of black and blue, the image below fits right in on his feed. We love this wintry scene! 

Riccardo Rossi – @roamwithrickk

Riccardo Rossi is an outdoor and travel photographer based in Italy. With blue and gold tones to his images, Rossi shares stunning shots on his Instagram. Rossi shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 III. We love the shot below from a trip to London. The color tones give the shot a wintry and cold weather feel. 

Thomas Kakareko – @thomas_k

Thomas Kakareko is a Sony photographer based in Berlin. His account boasts a great variety of street photography and artistic portraits. He bounces back and forth between using his Sony Alpha 7S II and his Sony Alpha 7R III for both personal and professional work. The image below was made in Berlin, we love the composition and the sole pop of color that really draws the viewer's eye to the center of the frame. Give him a follow for more intriguing portraits and moody street photos.

Erin Newman-Mitchell – @erinnewmanmitchell

Erin Newman-Mitchell is a landscape photographer based in the fast-growing city of Austin, Texas. She focuses primarily on and most enjoys shooting land and cityscapes. Shooting primarily with her Sony Alpha 7R IV, her Instagram account is full of outstanding images of Austin. With soft morning light, her images feel like paintings! We love the images below from a cold foggy morning. 


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