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Dive Into The Art Of Photo Editing

When we think of photography, we often only picture the creator going out and photographing something. But editing is just as important and not to be overlooked. With today’s Sony cameras, editing is more powerful than ever. The massive file sizes and great dynamic range makes for exciting post-processing. There are quite a few trends with editing – some photographers go for the authentic look, trying to represent what they saw as accurately as possible. Others go for a more stylized look, creating aesthetically branded color palettes. The possibilities are endless. To further explore the world of photo editing, we’ve gathered a set of YouTube videos from our community of Sony shooters. Take a look, subscribe to their channels, and give some of these editing techniques a try. For more photography inspiration and education, be sure to subscribe to the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel

When we think of photography, we often only picture the creator going out and photographing something. But editing is just as important and not to be overlooked. See how these creators do it.

James Popsys

James Popsys is a travel and adventure photographer based in the UK. His YouTube Channel focuses on landscape photography, with a dash of humor. Popsys shoots with the Sony Alpha 7R IV, Sony Alpha 7 IV, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master, Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master II and Sony 20mm f/1.8 G. In the video below he talks through the basic edit considerations for beginners to think about. He mentions cropping, exposure, white balance, the histogram and more. 

Arran Brown

Arran Brown is a content creator with a real passion for all-things consumer tech and camera gear. His YouTube channel aligns with his passion as it covers all things tech and camera gear. He also dabbles in photography himself, making great travel and landscape images. He shoots on the Sony Alpha 7C and Sony ZV-E10. For lenses, he uses the Sony 50mm f/1.8, Sony 85mm f/1.8 and the Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6. In the video below, he edits three RAW images of his. He walks through his editing process and shares tips on How to Edit Sony RAW files in Lightroom on an iPad Pro. 

Chris Turner

Chris Turner is a full-time wedding photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. After photographing more than 200 weddings, Turner knows a thing or two about it. And he’s sharing that knowledge with the world via his YouTube Channel. Turner takes his audience along on shoots, in the editing room, and gives practical advice. He takes you into the editing bay with him and processes some images from a couples shoot he did with the Sony Alpha 7 IV and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master. It’s great to see his step by step process including the spot editing and his reasons behind each editing decision. 

Jason Vong

Creator Jason Vong runs a YouTube Channel together with Vivienne Lee, where they post camera reviews and photography and videography tutorials. They’ve managed to grow their YouTube Channel to over 426,000 subscribers and have made vlogging their full time career. In this video he gives tips for speedy and effective editing as a Sony shooter. This video goes through his organizational system in addition to his editing tips. This video is specifically for those who shoot on the Sony Alpha 7 III, Sony Alpha 7C, Sony Alpha 6000, Sony Alpha 7S, Sony Alpha 7R, Sony Alpha 1, Sony Alpha 9, Sony RX100 and Sony ZV-1.

Magic Wedding Photographer

Maciej Suwalowski is the man behind the Magic Wedding Photographer YouTube Channel. He’s a wedding photographer and educator based in Warsaw, Poland. He shares videos about wedding photography, Sony cameras and lenses, workflow, tech talk and more. In the video below he gives his full breakdown on how to edit wedding photos. He discusses how he uses his preset to help his editing flow as well. If you’re a wedding photographer, be sure to subscribe! 


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