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Follow Friday: Check Out What These Big City Content Creators Are Making On TikTok

Many photographers and videographers are bringing their creative game to TikTok, and the platform’s expansive capabilities mean even more fresh and exciting content from your favorite Sony shooters. This week we’ve rounded up another list of creators who have taken their talents to TikTok. Take a look at what these Sony shooters from places like Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia are sharing below and follow their accounts for more. And to catch more Sony creator magic in your feed, follow @sonyalpha on TikTok to keep up with the latest from the Alpha Universe.

Check out these creatives on TikTok and follow @sonyalpha on TikTok to keep up with the latest from the Alpha Universe.

Jeremy Cohen – @jeremycohen

Jeremy Cohen is a NYC-based photographer and member of the Alpha Collective. His TikTok documents all of the major happenings in the Big Apple – music festivals, marathons and more. He captures the pulse of the city streets with his fun vlogger style and if you missed his live puppy shoot during Creative Space Online this year, take a look back at this video, his best TikTok of 2021, of some super cute NYC pups in the snow.

Jessica Hirsch – @cheatdayeats

If you’re a foodie and you’re not following Jessica Hirsch’s account, you are truly missing out! The NYC-based Alpha Collective member posts close-up footage of some of the most decadent dishes you’ve ever seen. Learn more about the Sony gear she uses to capture such compelling videos of comfort food in her What’s In My Bag article.  Indulge yourself now by following her fantastic foodie account.

Ari Weiss – @ariweiss_

Ari Weiss is a NYC-based commercial and fashion photographer and another member of the Alpha Collective. He’s produced work for a number of high profile clients, and now the Sony creative can be found on TikTok. On his account you’ll find awesome behind-the-scenes from his photo shoots, photo tips and other inside looks at his journey as a photographer. Check out his post below where he gives you a look from one of his recent photo shoots at a historic NYC landmark.

Derrek Harris – @derrek.harris

Los Angeles-based photographer Derrek Harris has over 5.4 millions followers on TikTok. His tagline, “I turn strangers into models,” perfectly explains his content on the platform. He finds everyday strangers and helps pose them in perfect locations to create stunning portrait images. The results are fantastic and give power to his subjects who are in the middle of their normal day. Check out his account to see what he captures next.

Josh Pellegrini – @travelpel

Josh is a Sony photographer based in Philadelphia. His TikTok account follows his travel adventures to places like Yosemite National Park, Banff National Park, Iceland and even downtown Philadelphia. Using his Sony Alpha gear, he captures crisp and compelling footage of the beautiful places he visits, putting you right there in the scene as you scroll through his TikTok. Follow his account for more photography tips, tricks and fun.

Alex Stemplewski – @alex.stemp

Alex Stemplewski is a photographer based in Santa Monica, CA. He’s garnered a massive following on TikTok and other social media platforms. thanks to his popular videos where he walks around cities and “makes strangers famous.” You can see an example in the video below, where he walks the city streets of New York with his Sony Alpha camera and selects a stranger to surprise with a makeover and photo shoot. The more people who see his TikTok, the more who want to be a part of it. Keep your eyes on his account for more.

Steve Dampman – @stevedampman

Steve Dampman is a professional photographer based in Philadelphia. He captures not only weddings, portraits and engagements, but also landscape and travel photography, which is mostly what you’ll find on his TikTok account. Always on the lookout for light, he beautifully captures the colors of both nature and city.


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