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Get A Closer Look At The New Sony Alpha 7CR & Sony Alpha 7C II

The addition of the Sony Alpha 7CR and Sony Alpha 7C II brings the latest AI processing unit and advanced video performance  to the Alpha 7C series camera lineup, and all of those latest features are packed into compact and lightweight designs. Below we take a closer look at the new cameras with deep dives from Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles along with some real-world tests from other creators. Watch the videos below to learn more about the newest cameras in the Sony lineup. Get your own Sony Alpha 7CR HERE, and your own Sony Alpha 7C II HERE.

The Sony Alpha 7CR: The Top Of The Food Chain In The C-Series

The Sony Alpha 7CR boasts high-resolution and enhanced performance, thanks to its full-size image sensor with approximately 61 megapixels – the same sensor found in the Sony Alpha 7R V. All of that in a compact and lightweight body makes this camera one worth looking into more, which is exactly what Quiles does in the video below. 

“The Alpha 7CR represents the top of the food chain when it comes to the C line of cameras,” Quiles explains. “The C in the name, by the way, stands for compact, and the R for resolution, so it really represents this beautiful blending of Sony’s R series with the compact series of cameras in a way that I found to be very compelling.”

After putting its performance to the test for portraits, video and more, Quiles concludes it’s one he’ll be adding to his kit. “Even though I already own an Alpha 7R V, I plan on picking up one of these to take with me as my day to day walkaround camera due to its excellent hybrid features.” 

Real World Test With The Sony Alpha 7CR

Maciej Suwalowski, who goes by Magic Wedding Photographer on YouTube, created his own magical moment at sunset with the new Sony Alpha 7CR and Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master. “Here you can see how well the Alpha 7CR is actually focusing on the eye even in a backlit situation like this. And in a silhouette situation like this it just perfectly follows the eye.” See more in his behind-the-scenes video of the shoot below.

He lines up a beautiful image during sunset while taking advantage of the steam nearby. Rotating between taking vertical and horizontal images, he was able to get the perfect shot at the perfect time. “This image is so good straight out of camera that the editing was very minimal.”

Learn more about the Sony Alpha 7CR HERE.

The Sony Alpha 7C II: A Feature-Filled Hybrid Beast Of A Camera

The Sony Alpha 7C II has the sensor and processing engine combination needed to achieve high-quality imaging performance. It's 22% lighter and has 45% less volume than the Sony Alpha 7 IV, which gives you an idea of just how compact this feature-filled beast of a camera truly is. Watch below as Quiles dives deeper into the camera’s features. 

The powerful features that Quiles explores for photography combined with the camera’s video capabilities has him calling it a powerful camera for the hybrid shooter. “When you consider all of that along with the autofocus features it brings along with it,” Quiles proclaims, “it might just be the most powerful hybrid travel camera in its category.”

After testing it for photo and video, he was blown away by the image quality and really leaned on the AI focusing features in the camera. “The Alpha 7C II was an absolute joy to use and if you’re looking for a light, compact hybrid camera that offers full frame image quality and the latest features, this is a camera you’re going to want to check out.”

Real World Test With The Sony Alpha 7C II

Cinematographer Brandon Y. Lee has also used the camera and put it to the test for video. His goal was to see how the Sony Alpha 7C II performed in a commercial-like setting while seeing how far he could push the AI-based autofocus. “In my initial test on this shoot, I was blown away by the autofocus. I shot this intro entirely on my own with no camera assistant and I was able to do shots I would never have dreamed of attempting without an assistant pulling focus.” See more of what he’s talking about in his video below.

Lee wraps up the video by explaining who he thinks this camera would be great for. “I think if you already own a full-frame Sony body and you shoot a lot of photos and videos at the same time and you want a secondary camera that is smaller, OR if you are a content creator just starting out or an enthusiast who prefers a smaller, everyday camera because you travel a lot or you want it to be a bit more conspicuous when you’re out in public, then I think this camera would serve you well.”

Learn more about the Sony Alpha 7C II HERE.


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