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Get Your Head In The Game: Subscribe To These Sports Photographers On YouTube

Sports photography can be a lot of fun - with action and emotion there's no limit to the stories you can tell. But it can also be a challenge...how to create new and interesting images? How to give a sense of place? What gear will work best to freeze motion? The questions can go on and on. YouTube is a great place to find those answers! We’ve compiled some great photographers who are sharing their knowledge on sports photography, the gear they use and how they nail that perfect action shot. Check out their channels and be sure to hit subscribe. And of course, don't forget to subscribe to the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for more photo and video content.

These photographers are sharing their knowledge on sports photography, the gear they use and how they nail that perfect action shot.

Danny: that1cameraguy

Danny, also known as “that1cameraguy” is a very popular YouTuber who posts about photography and videography. He describes himself and his work by stating: “I've always wanted to produce a channel reviewing products and going over photography from my perspective. I wouldn't call myself a professional but more like an amateur/enthusiast, which is what a lot of you out there are. I hope to continue and update this channel and give you my personal insight and thought into the world of photography from someone who probably see's it like you do.” We love his candid attitude and fun videos like the one below where he tests out the autofocus on the Sony Alpha 7 III for sports photographers (spoiler alert: it’s great!)

Peter Sarellas

Sports videographer Peter Sarellashas created a YouTube channel to share informative tips and tutorial videos about videography and video editing, often with a focus on sports videography. He films the majority of his content on the Sony Alpha 7 III and many of his videos include tips on how he uses his Sony gear to achieve the best video possible. Check out his channel and be sure to subscribe!

Mark Galer

Australian photographer Mark Galer teaches how to use Sony cameras and how to master workflow on his YouTube channel. We love the video below where he talks about how to freeze action with the Sony Alpha 7R III. He even takes the viewer into the menu system to show his settings. He even has playlists for specific Sony cameras so you can get the information you’re looking for, regardless of which Sony camera you’re using!

Lemar Griffin

Sports photographer and videographer Lemar Griffin’s YouTube channel features vlogs, sports, highlights, and photography. In the video below, he breaks down what he takes to professional football games when he’s photographing. His go-to gear includes the Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Master, Sony 70-200mm f/4 G (which he describes as his main go-to lens), the Sony Alpha 9, the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony Alpha 7R III. Take a look below to see what else he takes with him to photograph professional football games!

Collin Ebel

Photographer and videographer Collin Ebel shares his work and gear reviews on his YouTube channel. He shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 III and a variety of lenses. His work ranges from weddings to sporting events to corporate ads, so it’s fun to see his variety and his thoughts on how the Sony gear holds up for each style of shooting. In the video below, he breaks down the Sony 70-200mm f/4 G, which he primarily uses to shoot sports such as football and basketball. He loves the weight of this lens, the autofocus and the versatility of it. Check out his content below!


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