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Getting Up Close With Macro Photography

The world of macro photography is one of fun surprises and breathtaking detail. That being said, with very small focusing planes and tiny subjects, it can also be a challenge. With practice you can learn how to work your macro scene, and below we’ve gathered a collection of macro experts who are sharing their work on Instagram. By pairing a high resolution camera like the Sony Alpha 7R V with a lens like the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G, these photographers are able to capture the small details in crystal clear fashion. Take a look at their images, be inspired, and give them a follow for more macro magic in your feed. And for more photography inspiration, be sure to follow @SonyAlpha on Instagram.

The best thing about macro photography is that it's something you can do anywhere, anytime. Here's a collection of macro experts to get you inspired.

Kyle van Bavel – @kylevanbavel_photography

Kyle van Bavel is a self-taught macro photographer and graphic designer based in the Netherlands. He’s known for his love of capturing the little details and painterly editing. On his Instagram account you’ll find a ton of vibrant and colorful macro flower shots like the one below – all taken with his combination of the Sony Alpha 7R V and Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G. Learn more about the gear he uses in his What's In My Bag article.

Laurent Hesemans – @laurent_nam

Laurent Hesemans is a macro photographer who grew up in Namibia. He now lives in Costa Rica, which he says “has been an absolute paradise for macro photography and wildlife.” His work specializes in arachnids, insects, and reptiles and amphibians. His go-to camera gear for macro is the Sony Alpha 7R V, the Sony Alpha 7R III and the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens. If you’re a fan of creepy-crawlies, Laurent is a must-follow. 

Mika Geiger – @mika.geiger

Mika Geiger is a nature and travel photographer based in Austin, Texas. As you scroll through her account you’ll see colorful flowers, insects, and more up close and personal. It’s truly impressive how she finds an insect and composes an entire scene using their environment to show what they are doing. Back in 2021, she won our Sony Alpha Female #SonyMacro contest for her photo, “Entwined.” The image is a true macro photo that Mika made with a Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens on her Sony Alpha 7R III. She used the same setup in the image below, which is truly remarkable.

Hannah Mather – @HannasHoneyComb

Alpha Female+ grant winner Hannah Mather is a pollinator photographer and a beekeeper. The grant supported her project known as “The Pollinator Project'' where she created a photo and video project that showed the unique life and behavior of several pollinator species. Mather shot stills, video, and high-speed slow motion to give us a glimpse into the overlooked parts of nature that are all around us and help more people to slow down and to see that there is nature worth protecting right in our own backyards. We love the vibrant colors in the image below.  If you’re interested in bees - her account is a must-follow!

Javier Aznar González de Rueda – @javier_aznar_photography

Photographer Javier Aznar González de Rueda’s work is mainly focused on natural history and wildlife conservation along with its relationship with humans. He is a @natgeo contributing photographer and a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers and The Photo Society. He has a background in biology and aims to offer a personal point of view showing nature at its wildest state through his photography. He often captures the magnificence found in the hidden world of creatures, with hopes to sensitize the public to the pressing need to preserve the planet and the animals living in it. His go-to setup is the Sony Alpha 7R IV and the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G. If you scroll through his feed, you will see jaw-dropping shots of insects, amphibians and plants - similar to the image below!

Karine Aigner – @kaigner

Photographer Karine Aigner began her career as a photo editor at National Geographic. She then transitioned to wildlife and conservation photography, where she has become well-known, winning many major awards. We love the personality in the image below! She’s a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers and published in outlets including Audubon Magazine and National Geographic. The photo below was taken on assignment for the New York Times. 

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Sony Artisan Caroline Jensen is a photographer, workshop instructor and flower farmer. As you scroll through her Instagram account you’ll see dreamy and painterly floral shots that put the beauty of different flowers and their unique details on display. We love how she lights her images so that they have a painterly feel, a great example is in the photo below. Check out her lighting tips HERE

Gina Danza – @wildgina

Gina Danza is a nature photographer, visual storyteller and Sony Brand Ambassador. Her photography focuses on intimate landscapes, looking closely at pieces of nature and the emotional connection they make with us. It’s amazing how her images often reveal an entirely new perspective that inspires viewers to feel something. We love this super close up look on a monarch butterfly wing. Gina relies on quite a bit of Sony gear including her Sony Alpha 7R IV, Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master.

Dominik Walter – @dominik_walter82

Dominik Walter is a photographer based in Germany. He focuses primarily on shooting wildlife and nature images with a specialty on mushrooms. Dominik is known for his muted color palette, allowing his subjects to really draw the viewer's eye. We love scrolling through his account and seeing adorable little mushroom images like the one below. Dominik shot this, like he does most images, with his Sony Alpha 7 IV

Kristine – @macro.viewpoint

Kristine is a photographer from Latvia. She focuses on nature and wildlife, with a niche in macro photography. Her Instagram account is filled with stunning details of flowers and other little things in nature. Her go-to setup is the Sony Alpha 7 IV with the Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens. She’s become well-known for her macro images with creative edits, favoring a blue/green hue to her photographs. As you scroll down her Instagram feed, you’ll see a progression of vibrant colors, adding to the other-worldliness of her macro images. The image below is a great reminder of the photographic opportunities winter has to offer! 


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