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Hands-On Review Roundup: The New Sony ZV-E1

The new intuitive features found in the Sony ZV-E1 allow creators to make standout content, but you don’t have to take our word for it. A number of YouTube creators and reviewers have gotten their hands on the new camera and had the chance to try it out for their work. Check out a roundup of their first impressions below and learn more about the new Sony ZV-E1 HERE.

First impressions of the new Sony ZV-E1 are rolling out across the web – see what these reviewers are saying after getting their hands on the dedicated content creation camera.

Jenna Ezarik

“I cannot believe all the features that they put into this small camera. It’s full frame, it has AI. My personal favorite features were definitely the Auto Framing – I’m excited to kind of test that out a little bit more. But I was really surprised by the microphone. The built-in 3 capsule directional mic was actually really, really great. And for the majority of the video I didn’t even have on an external microphone (except I do right now to test that out) but I was really shocked. So you know not having a microphone on top obviously saves you a lot of space, makes it more compact, and the audio was really, really good. Another feature that I love about this camera is the Face Memory where you are able to register a face and if you wanted it to only focus on that person, the AI knows the face and it will only focus on that person. Overall I think this camera is incredible.” – Jenna Ezarik

Peter Lindgren

“What I absolutely love about this camera though is that it’s going to allow anyone to get into the hobby of photography and videography, And the fact that you don’t need to know anything about photography and videography but still be able to get some really good videos and photos coming out of this camera – that is what I love. Because now you have the possibility to just pick this up, start shooting, get some really good image quality out of your videos, and then during the time as you’re using this you’re going to be able to learn everything on the go as well. Because it has everything that a professional camera has to offer if you want to learn a professional camera, but if you just want good videos this is probably going to be one of the best cameras on the market to just pick up and start shooting.” – Peter Lindgren

Sara Dietschy

“You get a lot of the software features of the ZV-1 and the ZV-E10 like Product Showcase and Background Defocus, but with a full frame sensor like in the Alpha 7S III and FX3 BUT with a much lower price.”

Jason Vong

“...for the Alpha veterans, this is a steal dude! We’re getting a baby A7S III for $2000, get out of here! Uncropped 4K 60p, world’s lightest, smallest full frame interchangeable lens camera. Same video capability as a higher tier Alpha camera. Let’s go man, hype!” – Jason Vong


“This is such a powerful camera for the price that honestly, I’m shook. Everything about it, every time I jump into the menu and test it out more, I’m more and more impressed.” – Justine Ezarik

Gerald Undone

“Considering I called the A7S III a technical masterpiece back in 2020, I couldn't possibly give this new camera that does all that and more anything less than a very strong recommendation provided you’re OK with those limitations. But considering those use cases, this camera’s excellent rolling shutter performance, self-filming conveniences, the shockingly good stabilization and the compact form factor, might just make it the best vlogging camera that exists to date.”

DPReview TV (Chris Niccolls & Jordan Drake Soon to be on PetaPixel)

“Having the capability to do cinematic vlogging and give your video instant grades and just different feels and moods, I think that’s all positive stuff. And when used for the social media applications that these are largely going to be used for, I feel like the 4K resolution isn’t really necessary.” – Chris Niccolls

“Really I think where this camera’s aimed, I think it’s very smart and I think it’s going to do very well.” – Chris Niccolls

Sidney Diongzon

“As far as my personal user experience goes, I thought this camera was really cool. I mean it does remind me of the A7C. And it’s so cool that it can shoot in low light situations like the A7S III and has some cinema features from the FX3 and AI features of the A7R V. You have like a little bit of here and there packed into this one camera and I think it’s a great option for first time content creators…” – Sidney Diongzon

Learn more about the new Sony ZV-E1 HERE.


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