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How These Photographers Capture The Grandeur Of Mountains

It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re standing amongst the grandiosity of a mountain range. It not only takes a photographer with an adventurous spirit to travel to such places for these shots, it also takes the right camera and lens to fully capture nature’s expanse. This week we feature a group of photographers using their Sony Alpha gear to capture mountains and all of their majestic beauty. Give them a follow then make sure you tag your own Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha for a chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com. Don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of Sony photo inspiration.

Tag your Sony photos with #BeAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

Renan Ozturk – @renan_ozturk

When you think of mountains, perhaps no other Sony Artisan comes to mind as quickly as Renan Ozturk. The filmmaker and photojournalist explores some of the most challenging environments in order to tell compelling stories, and the perfect example of this is in his latest short film, “The Ghosts Above.” Learn more about this Mount Everest expedition and his mission to solve one of the greatest exploration mysteries 

Mahesh Thapa – @starvingphotographer

Mahesh Thapa is a Seattle-based photographer and member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. He's known to capture brilliant landscapes, astroscapes, cityscapes and more. Check out his account and give him a follow for more colorful photos to brighten your feed. He captured this impressive shot of the Milky Way over the mountains using his Sony α7R IV and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens.

Sapna Reddy – @sapnareddy

Sapna Reddy’s Instagram account is filled with brilliant landscapes from all corners of the Earth. She believes that nature has an inherent healing power, and hopes to share that healing effect through her photography. You can look inside her bag to see the Sony Alpha gear she uses to capture such striking images in her What’s In My Bag article, and learn more about how she creates such soothing landscape shots in her Alpha Profile article.

Alexander Wieck – @_alexanderwieck

Alexander is a hobbyist photographer specializing in outdoor and landscape captures as well as animal portraits. He’s lucky enough to live in the beautiful Allgäu/Bavaria and has plenty of opportunity to travel to the mountains armed with his camera to capture breathtaking landscapes of the Alps. Get the scoop on the Sony Alpha gear he relies on for photographing people, places and animals in his What’s In My Bag article. He took this stunning photo of the colorful mountains encircling the valley of Landmannalaugar in Iceland.

Marshall Haigler – @droptheframe

Marshall is a freelance photographer based in Whitefish, Montana. His photography has a focus on landscape and adventure/travel, and as you scroll through his Instagram account that’s exactly what you’ll find. The way he captures such grand landscapes in a single frame truly shows the vastness of the outdoors. You can learn more about the Sony Alpha gear he uses for his photography in his What’s In My Bag article. He took this beautiful shot of the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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