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How These Street Photographers Capture The Stories Hidden Within Fleeting Moments

Street photography is challenging. It requires patience, keen observation and fast reflexes. You never know what will appear, and the anticipation to get the "perfect shot" can be overwhelming at times. This week we are featuring photographers from around the world that masterfully capture these fleeting moments of life, giving us a glimpse into life as they see it. Great street photographers are in the moment. They are part of the scene. The ideal camera for street photography is the one that lets you make pictures comfortably and without drawing undue attention (or lurking) to you and the camera. The photographers we're featuring in this post use everything from super-compact RX100s to the Alpha 6000-series APS-C and Alpha 7-series. You'll even see the RX1R II make an appearance in one of the captions. It's a true sleeper for street photography with its rangefinder-esque size and shape, full-frame sensor and integrated Zeiss 35mm f/2 lens. If you want the chance for your account to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, make sure you tag your Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha. And don't forget to follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of Sony photo inspiration.

See how these photographers stay in the moment, using a variety of cameras (including a true sleeper) transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.  

Nino Rakichevich – @nino_rakichevich

Nino Rakichevich is a portrait, fashion and street photographer and Sony Artisan Of Imagery. His blend of different styles gives his work a unique perspective. His street photography, where he places himself right in the moment, transports you into these chance happenings that are playful and will often bring a smile to your face—reminding us that life is not always so serious. Shot on the Sony Alpha 7R III.

Michael Rubenstein - @mrubee

Michael Rubenstein is a photographer, director, filmmaker and another Sony Artisan Of Imagery. Looking at his work, you can see his passion for life and love for documenting it. He is often filling his frames with people and, at times, with colors reflecting that passion, but ever so often, you will see a more subtle image without a person. It will be the evidence of people and life leaving you wondering about that space and the life that happened after the photo was made. Leaving the viewer with a sense of intrigue. Shot with a Sony RX100 V.

Katrin Eismann - @katrin_eismann

Katrin Eismann is another Sony Artisan Of Imagery and street photographer with a wonderful ability to connect you to the moment and people in her photos. When you view her work, there is an abundance of humanity that you can instantly connect with, and you will find yourself viewing images from the streets of Inda, Cuba, Michigan and New York. All porting a life that we may not know but get a better understanding of because of Eismann's direct yet gentle approach to creating these photos. This image was made with her Sony RX1R II. 

Quay Hu - @aroundq

Quay Hu is an Alpha Collective member and photographer who will capture your attention with his sweeping landscapes or busy street life at night. When looking at his images of the street at night, they are thoughtfully composed and well-timed, giving you the impression that he took his time and had the patience to wait for a moment, or had an idea of what he wanted to show the viewer and was able to capture it. Shot on the Sony Alpha 7R III with a 35mm lens.

Dean Claveria – @deandjkim

Dean Claveria is a street photographer based in Belgium. His warm photos of the bustling streets of Brussels showcase the life of the city. Often you will see he has a beautifully composed image with one or two people as the main focal point surrounded by people enjoying themselves at a cafe or bar or simply wandering the old cobblestone streets amongst a crowd. Shot on a Sony Alpha 6400 and Sony 18-200mm f/4 lens.


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