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Immerse Yourself In Creative Ideas & Knowledge On YouTube

In the ever-evolving creative industry, there is a constant stream of knowledge to acquire and keep up with. From cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques to emerging trends, staying informed is crucial to remain at the forefront. YouTube serves as a valuable platform for expanding your understanding, offering a wealth of resources such as tutorials and insights into specific creative processes. Numerous talented individuals within the industry generously share their expertise through vlogs and videos. Here, we have curated a selection of YouTube channels featuring Sony shooters who impart their wisdom and experience. By subscribing to these channels and Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube, you can immerse yourself in a world of valuable knowledge.

Numerous talented individuals within the industry generously share their expertise through vlogs and videos. Here are some good ones to subscribe to.

Andrew Saraceni

Andrew Saraceni is a technical creative based in the Philadelphia area. He specializes in the technical aspects of filmmaking such as video, audio, lighting, photography, live streaming, and editing. His YouTube is where he shares his knowledge on gear reviews, tutorials, behind the scenes videos and content centered around cameras, technology, videography, and photography. 

The video below is a comprehensive resource for what you need to become a real estate photographer. He covers everything from camera settings to shot lists, to editing. He describes the video stating, “By the end of this video, you should have all of the tools that are needed to go out and begin shooting real estate photos today, and make clients as well as realtors (and yourself) happy.” For his own real estate photography, Andrew shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 IV, Sony Alpha 7 III, Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master and Sony 20mm f/1.8 G.

Will Chidlow

Photographer and filmmaker Will Chidlow runs a creative production agency where he works with brands, companies, small businesses and individuals. He also runs a YouTube channel where he makes videos and vlogs as a way to improve his skills and track his progress. The channel has grown popular, with over 15K subscribers. Will has started sharing tutorials, reviews, and other educational content. 

The video below breaks down his tips for shooting music videos. He talks about planning, logistics, and primarily creative lighting. He used two cameras to shoot the video, the Sony Alpha 7S III and Sony Alpha 7 IV with the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master. First he shot it with both cameras on a tripod and then he shot it again with more dynamic camera movements. If you’re interested in producing something similar, check out the video below!

Cecilia Blomdahl

Meet Cecilia Blomdahl, an adventurous content creator residing on Svalbard, an arctic island situated near the North Pole. Originally hailing from Sweden, Cecilia made the bold move to Svalbard amidst the polar night, and it was love at first sight. Initially juggling various odd jobs, she eventually landed her first videographer position, setting her on the path to becoming a dedicated content creator. Through her YouTube channel, Cecilia offers a captivating glimpse into the unique experience of living in the remote reaches of the high north. Armed with her trusted Sony Alpha 7S III and Sony Alpha 7C, she skillfully captures the essence of this icy landscape. Embark on a winter wonderland journey by exploring her channel for an authentic taste of the Arctic.

The video below takes us through a day in her life during the midnight sun. Even everyday tasks, like going to the vet, are fascinating when you live on Svalbard! Cecilia’s vlogs are beautifully shot and include fun editing techniques. Take a look at the video and be sure to subscribe to her channel.

Kyle Meshna

If you're seeking a creative and talented Sony shooter to follow on YouTube, look no further than Kyle Meshna. His channel is a treasure trove of valuable content, showcasing his meticulous post-production process, offering insightful photography tips, and unveiling stunning footage and final results from his photo shoots. Kyle's tutorials are particularly noteworthy, as he generously shares his expertise. For those aiming to take their photography to the next level, subscribing to Kyle's channel is a must-do. Prepare to be inspired and empowered to unleash your creative potential.

In the video below, Kyle is sharing the ultimate cinema rig for the Sony FX30 or Sony FX3. It's sturdy, modular, and can be configured to film in vertical orientation as well. We love how he breaks it down, piece by piece and discusses why he adds each element. This helps you decide what you do and do not need to include. Kyle also mentions that for video, he pretty much always uses the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master II with his Sony FX3.

Jacques Crafford

Jacques Crafford is a talented freelance director of photography and editor based in South Africa. On his YouTube channel, Jacques has a mission to educate and inspire his audience in the art of creating cinematic videos. Through his content, he masterfully deconstructs the various elements of a production, offering valuable insights piece by piece. With a passion for teaching, Jacques imparts his knowledge, empowering aspiring creators to enhance their craft. Additionally, he shares short cinematic videos as a source of inspiration, showcasing his creative prowess. 

The video below offers five of Jacques tips on how to grow as a filmmaker. These include considerations such as camera movements, framing, and gear selection. Jacques really challenges the viewer to think about his or her motivation behind these choices and what they add to the film. Jacques typically shoots on the Sony FX3, Sony Alpha 7S III and the Sony Alpha 7 IV.


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