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Instagram Fall Color Follow Friday

As we reach the end of the week, we want to feature a few of our favorite Instagram accounts for another edition of Instagram Follow Friday. This week we highlight a group of travel and adventure photographers who are getting out in the wild and delivering us a front row view of some of the most beautiful places in nature. And, with autumn colors peaking in much of the US, these photographers are also capturing the allure of the changing seasons. Proceed with caution – these accounts might make you want to quit your day job to explore the great outdoors!

Don’t forget to tag your own Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured on an Instagram Follow Friday. You also only have a few days left to enter the Be Alpha Challenge! November 6 is the final day to enter for your chance to win a Hawaiian photography excursion with five members of the #AlphaCollective

Scott Kranz – @scott_kranz

Scott is based in Seattle and another member of the #AlphaCollective. His Instagram bio says, “sharing stories from the mountains,” and that’s exactly what you’ll see on his account. Mountaintops tearing through layers of clouds, beautiful lakes tucked in valleys, and views from high above after long treks to get there. In fact, just a few weeks ago he completed his 50 Peaks Project, summiting 50 peaks this year alone within North Cascades National Park, including the 10 highest. Now, that’s impressive.

Theresa Wang – @travelswitheresa

Theresa is based in Portland, Oregon, and her Instagram bio pegs her as an outdoor adventurer and urban explorer. She documents her adventures in nature using her Sony α7R II and α6000, and the results are stunning. If you love those fall colors, be sure to check out some of her more recent posts of the beautiful fall foliage!

Ananya Ray – @ananya.ray

Ananya is a member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, and her Instagram serves as her own personal photo diary of all her adventures and travels (and there are a lot of them!) Incorporating all of the different elements of nature’s beauty – the bright skies, reflecting water, bountiful trees and grandiose mountains – she puts together some beautiful compositions in the wild. Give her a follow to keep up with her adventures!

Bart Blachnio – @bartblachnio

Bart Blachnio is based in New York City and shoots beautiful travel and landscape photography. His entire account is filled with bright captures of nature that exude the energy of the #BeAlpha lifestyle. From images that give you a perspectives on nature you've never seen before to the vivid fall foliage photos recently posted on his account, @bartblachnio will inspire you to to get out and make pictures. So go check it out and give him a follow!

Colby Brown – @colbybrownphotography

Sony Artisan Colby Brown is a photographer, photo educator and author based out of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Looking at his Instagram posts, you’ll see that he combines his love of the natural world with his fascination of its diverse cultures. Each photo he posts along with a descriptive caption to give followers a glimpse into what it was like to be there at that exact moment. Follow his account for beautiful nature imagery and plenty of updates via Instagram Stories! 

Once you've given these accounts a follow, make sure you're also following @sonyalpha. The account features more of the best shots made by Sony shooters every single day, and has gained some serious attention with more than one million followers! 


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