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Instagram Follow Friday October 26, 2018

The weekend is near and we’re serving up another fresh Instagram Follow Friday just for you. This week’s group includes an Alpha Female mentor and Sony Artisan who is using her photography to save the environment, two Alpha Collective members with refreshing styles to put some pep in your step, and other Sony shooters doing their part to show off the world’s beauty.

If you want the chance for your account to be featured on an Instagram Follow Friday, make sure you use #SonyAlpha on your Sony photography posts. And don’t forget, we’re celebrating Be Alpha in more ways than one! Enter the Be Alpha Challenge by November 6 for your chance to win an exclusive five-day, four-night adventure to the islands of Kauai and Hawaii with five members of the #AlphaCollective!

Jane Kim – @_janekim

Jane is a fashion and lifestyle photographer and member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. Her account is bright and alive, using her new α7R III and 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master lens to capture stunning fashion portraits, dreamy lifestyle images, glistening skylines and other incredible travel shots. Her photos have such a fresh vibe that just looking at her work can put you in a good mood!

Mike Meyers – @mmeyers76

Mike is based in Chicago and uses his Sony α7R II to capture magnificent views from plenty of notable places. Many of his posts include moody sunsets with colors you can’t help but be drawn in by. Sometimes he’ll even send his camera up on a drone to get a different perspective, and the results are awe-inspiring. Give him a follow for photos that remind us of the world’s grandeur.


Cristina Mittermeier – @cristinamittermeier

Chances are you’ve probably seen this Sony Artisan’s photos before. A contributing photographer for National Geographic, Cristina uses her work to showcase issues of nature and wildlife conservation. We’re also lucky enough to have her as a mentor for our Alpha Female program. In addition to following her account for the latest in the human–environment connection, check out @sea_legacy, a collective she co-founded to help protect and restore our oceans through storytelling.


David Gaiz – @davegaiz

David is a landscape, aerial, wildlife and travel photographer who beautifully documents his travels and often explains how he got the shot in his captions. You’ll find just about everything on his account – waterfalls tumbling over cliff edges, sunsets glistening over the ocean water, and even lava pouring from a volcano! The photo below was taken with the Sony α7 II and 16-35mm f/4 lens. Be sure to give David’s account a follow for more epic Sony shots!


Michael Hollender – @mrhollender

Michael is another member of the #AlphaCollective, and his travel photos show the variety in his adventures. You’ll find astroscapes, cityscapes, landscapes, wildlife shots and more. Pay attention to the lighting in his shots – many times he finds unique ways to include it. Scrolling through his account is like going on an adventure in and of itself, so go give him a follow!


Don’t forget to follow the @sonyalpha account, which features more of the best shots made by Sony shooters every day. The account has become one of the most popular on Instagram, with more than one million followers and growing.


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