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Instagram Follow Friday – Global Wedding, Landscape & Street Shooters You Don't Want To Miss

In this week’s Instagram Follow Friday you’ll find several Sony photographers posting phenomenal portraiture on their accounts, an Alpha Collective member mastering low light lifestyle photos and a Sony Artisan duo producing award-winning wedding photography. Give them a follow, and don’t forget to also follow @sonyalpha for daily Sony photos captured by you, and shared by us. Tag your own Sony photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured!

Follow @sonyalpha and tag your own Sony photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured!

Xing – @caliallstaring

Xing is a portrait photographer based in Sacramento, CA. On his Instagram account you’ll find portraits galore with a great variety of scenes and backgrounds. He also posts some great Instagram stories highlighting each of his model shoots. The portrait below was taken with his Sony α7 III, which he says he is a big fan of – "I really like the Eye AF from my α7 III – it is very accurate. I use it all the time for my portraits and the firmware 3.0 update is great."

Matt Ferr – @matt.ferr

Matt is a photographer and filmmaker who is also a part of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. His unique lifestyle photography has built him a large following on Instagram where he shares his impressive photos. You’ll notice very quickly as you scroll through his account that his expertise is in low light photography, each post having a dark and moody vibe. Give him a follow to see more of his latest work!

Laurel Perkins – @imagesbylaurel

Laurel is a Sony photographer based in Arizona and specializing in creative and conceptual portraiture. She puts her subjects in front of incredible scenes that make for one-of-a-kind portrait shots. She also has another adventure photography account (@laurel_adventures) with gorgeous landscape shots. Give them both a follow to see more of her beautiful photography! The photo below was taken with her Sony α7R II.

Dan Magatti – @danmagatti

Dan is a photographer specializing in portraits and travel currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. Having visited 16 countries and over 60 cities around the world in just six years, Dan’s Instagram account boasts a wide variety of scenes from different parts of the earth. Give him a follow to check out his work and keep up with his travel adventures! He took this photo below with his Sony α7R II in Hamnøy, Norway.

James + Schulze – @jamesandschulze

James Christianson and Otto Schulze are Sony Artisans of Imagery and award-winning wedding photographers. They shoot a variety of weddings, from small gatherings to large parties, and have been named Conde Nast Brides Best Wedding Photographers in the World. Their account isn’t filled with your typical wedding photos. They are unique and show all different aspects of a couple’s special day. Give them a follow to see more of their extraordinary work.


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