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Instagram Follow Friday November 30, 2018

Each and every day Sony shooters around the world tag their photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha. In an effort to highlight the extraordinary work from these accounts, we choose a few of our favorites each week for Instagram Follow Friday. This week, we bring you two Alpha Collective members delivering compelling street shots to Instagram, a Sony Artisan whose timelapse posts you don’t want to miss, and two other accounts taking you along on their travels through the lens of a Sony mirrorless.

Once you've followed this group of photographers, make sure you're also following @sonyalpha for more #BeAlpha shots every day. Tag your own posts with #BeAlpha for your chance to be featured!

Brian Crippe – @Crippeakasizzler1

Brian is based in Portland and a member of the Alpha Collective. He posts dynamic street shots and moody nature shots, depending on where he’s traveling at that point in time. Beautiful skylines with the sun shining through, mystifying coastlines and impressive astrophotography are what you can expect to find on his account. Clearly an explorer at heart, Brian takes his followers along on his adventures.

Tharaneesan Nadarajah – @storiesntravels

Tharaneesan’s account welcomes you to follow along on her travels as she documents them with her Sony α7 III and α6500. Her use of a drone to capture much of her work gives us a perspective not normally seen. Give her a follow and be sure to check out her Instagram stories for more real-time glimpses into her travels!


Paola Franqui – @monaris_

Paola is another member of the Alpha Collective who loves to travel and tell her stories through her photos. The New Jersey-based street photographer captures the diversity of humans through incredible candids. Her ability to turn something as simple as someone waiting in the rain for a cab into an image that really makes you think proves her talent as a photographer.


Mélanie & André – @travel_with_us_photography

Mélanie & André are based out of New Brunswick, Canada. They specialize in fine art, landscape and travel photography. Give them a follow for plenty of photos featuring beautiful architecture and some of the world’s most fascinating natural wonders. Their motto? Life is short, live it! Does it get more #BeAlpha than that?


Drew Geraci – @drewgiggity

Drew is a Sony Artisan of Imagery and his account is just plain enjoyable to scroll through. Beautiful colors, unique perspectives...and did we mention he’s a total boss at timelapses? (He happened to work with David Fincher to create the iconic House of Cards opening credits.) He’s a total pro at what he does and definitely someone you should be adding to your following list.





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