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It's Time For The Next Adventure

Moving from one phase of life into the next happens to everyone many times, and for many transitioning from the educational system to the workforce is the first major life change. As a society, we have developed a number of metaphors for these transitional times. Taking the next step, climbing the next mountain, heading on the next adventure, setting out on a new path, turning over a new leaf, and many more phrases exist in our collective vocabulary. As we approach graduation season, we have gathered some fantastic Sony images that embody these metaphors. Check out these beautiful images, follow the photographers on Instagram, and be sure to tag your own images #SonyAlpha. And for even more daily inspiration, be sure to follow @SonyAlpha on Instagram.

It's the season of graduation and that got us thinking about next steps, so here's a group of photographers whose images inspire exploration of the unknown.

Ryan Ditch - @ryanditchphoto

If you’re like us, you looked at the image below and immediately thought of the words “take flight,” Or maybe you thought of “leave the nest,” which while not directly connected to this shot, still has the flying element in it. This shot was taken by San Diego-based photographer Ryan Ditch. Ryan focuses on landscape and commercial work. He made this image with the Sony Alpha 7R V and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master. Check out his page for more stunningly beautiful images and learn more about his thought process behind shots HERE.

Terrence Drysdale - @tjdrysdale

Terrence Drysdale is a fine art photographer based out of Tampa, Florida. The Alpha Collective member has been traveling with his partner Victoria for the past six years in search of epic landscapes and beautiful scenery in an effort to create moments only seen in fairy tales. A hallmark of fairy tales is the start of an epic adventure. Frodo leaving the Shire or Anna going in search of Elsa. The image below, made on the Sony Alpha 99 II, gives the feeling of Little Red Riding Hood, all grown up, on the brink of yet another great adventure.

Matt Ritchie - @matt.ritchie

From the song ‘Life is a Highway’ to ‘the road to success,’ it seems as though streets are fraught with subliminal messages. This image by photographer, Matt Ritchie, in New York City is a great visualization of these phrases. In terms of photography, we love the framing and composition along with the gorgeous golden light that reflects off the skyscrapers. Matt is a fantastic street photographer, so be sure to check out his work and give him a follow!

Lawrence Tam - @law_lens

Lawrence Tam is a photographer based in Singapore. His street photography stands out due to its minimalistic aesthetic and composition. We love the simplicity and repetition of the photograph below. And of course, the image of a man walking alone in a city is a great canvas for any metaphor!

Kenneth Hines, Jr. - @professorhines

You can’t get more literal for ‘next steps!’ This shot was made by photographer Kenneth Hines Jr. a multi-discipline photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia and New York City. He used the Sony 16-35mm f/4. This is an interesting look at a staircase. It creates a graphic feel to the image, enhanced by straight lines going vertically and horizontally through the frame. That combined with the geometry in the ceiling of the building makes the viewer's eye move around the frame.

Jenna-Marie Mancini - @yulneverroamalone

Jenna-Marie Mancini is primarily an adventure and landscape photographer based in Montreal, Canada. She has grown a large social media presence by sharing her adventures and gorgeous imagery with her audience. A year ago, she left her 9-5 job as a veterinarian to begin pursuing photography full-time, a decision that has inspired many of her followers. Yes that’s right, Jenna-Marie made a major life change herself. You might say she set her sights on new horizons! She typically shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 IV along with the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master, Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master II, and Sony 200–600mm f/5.6–6.3 G. Learn more about her go-to gear HERE.

Natascia Mercurio - @natybtw

Natascia Mercurioalso known as Naty, is an art director, photographer and filmmaker born in Italy. She has created a unique orange and blue color pallet in her imagery that makes them easily identifiable. She uses color, expression, and composition to express a sense of emotion to her audience. This image seems to speak to the expression “trail blazing.” We love how the lighting isolates the main subject so clearly, letting all the other people fall into shadows and the blur of motion. This is quite a strong storytelling image. Naty’s primary camera is the Sony Alpha 7R III.

Bertrand Bernager - @bertrandbernager

As you set out on this journey, might you find yourself at a crossroads? That might look like this image below made by Bertrand Bernager. We were blown away by this image because he made it without a tripod! That’s right, he used the Sony Alpha 7R V and handheld a two second exposure. Since we’re really digging into metaphors today, you could say the Sony Alpha 7R V is breaking new ground. He paired the camera with the Sony 24mm f//1.4 G Master.

Kyle Obermann - @kyleobermann

For those of you transitioning to a new period in your life, we hope you conquer that mountain. We’ve selected this image by conservation photographer Kyle Obermann to visualize it. We love the scale in this image. The towering mountain dwarfs the backpacker in the front of the frame. Kyle shared some of his story with us HERE. Check it out and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his great projects.


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