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Light It Up: Subscribe To These Creators & Up Your Lighting Game

Mastering lighting can seem daunting but it is critical to take that next step in photography. When you can comfortably use off-camera lighting, you go from looking for the perfect situation to creating the perfect situation. You get to take control of your images in new and exciting ways. But, where to start? We’ve compiled a list of lighting masters who are sharing their expertise on YouTube. Check out their videos below and hit that subscribe button! And of course, don’t forget to subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for even more informative and inspiring content.

When you can comfortably use off-camera lighting, you go from looking for the perfect situation to creating the perfect situation. Subscribe to these YouTubers to up your lighting game.

Matt Hernandez - @MattHernandez

Sports and Senior photographer Matt Hernandez is a true artist when it comes to lighting. He knows how to make a dynamic and interesting shot in any conditions. Hernandez shares this knowledge on YouTube. In the video below, he’s talking about how to maximize your lighting setup to get the most shots, that way you are more efficient in your sessions. He talks through his settings and gear, shooting on the Sony Alpha 1 with the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master and the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master.

Sam Vargas - @samvargasimages7905

Sam Vargas is a commercial photographer and videographer based in North Carolina. He makes stunning images with a wide variety of subjects. He also shares his tips and tricks on YouTube. In the video below, he talks through making the most of natural light and how you can utilize reflective light well. His images, made on the Sony Alpha 7 IV turned out stunning! A great example of controlling the natural light in a situation.

Armando Ferreira - @mondobytes

Filmmaker Armando Ferreira describes his YouTube channel as, “A mixture of film, tech and tutorials for gear nerds.” Which are three of our favorite things! And with 500K subscribers, we clearly aren’t alone. In the video below, Ferreira breaks down how filmmakers can get really cinematic lighting with only a single light. To make videos, he uses the Sony FX3 and the Sony Alpha 1. Check out his channel for more great insights.

Manny Ortiz - @MannyOrtiz

Manny Ortiz is a portrait photographer and Youtube content creator currently based in Chicago, Illinois. His passion for photography began when his wife became pregnant with their first child. He is particularly well known for his lighting techniques, and has even created a softbox in collaboration with Westcott. His channel is a spectacular place to improve your lighting and portrait techniques. In the video below, he shares what lighting setup he personally prefers.

Adrian Lard - @AdrianLardPhoto

Adrian Lard is a portrait and wedding photographer based in College Station, TX who shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 III.  He’s also quite passionate about education, so he started this YouTube Channel, specifically for beginners. You can expect to see photography tutorials, business/marketing tips, gear reviews and BTS. In the video below he’s walking through the basics of using speedlights.


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