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Looking To Vlog It Up? Check Out These YouTubers For Inspiration

Speaking directly to an audience has never been easier. Social media allows creators to connect directly with their audience, rather than going through a traditional publishing route. This not only allows for a boom in community but also a boom in creativity. It is a blast to scroll through YouTube and see how creators are vlogging and connecting with their audience. It’s enough to make you want to pick up your camera and get vlogging yourself. And why shouldn’t you?! Check out these vloggers on YouTube for ideas, inspiration and perhaps the push you need to start creating your own content. And to stay in-the-know on all things Sony, don't forget to subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

Speaking directly to an audience has never been easier. Check out these vloggers on YouTube for ideas, inspiration and perhaps the push you need to start creating your own content.

Nina Carpio – Smile Like Nina

SmileLikeNina is a channel for modern women who want to feel empowered and who are looking to enhance their beauty both internally and externally. Nina vlogs the latest on fashion and beauty and teaches some of her favorite life hacks. As you can see from her video below, she has a bubbly personality – spreading that fun through her videos filmed on the Sony ZV-E10. It is clear why she named her channel Smile Like Nina!

Kofi Yeboah – @KofiYeboah

Professional photographer and filmmaker, Kofi Yeboah, and is a content creator from Toronto, Ontario. He works with companies and personal brands by creating high-quality content in the form of video, creative direction, photography, and social media content. He specializes in creating engaging marketing assets in the fitness industry, working with influencers, athletes, and brands to enhance their image. He teaches and shares a ton of professional information on his YouTube Channel. For example, in the video below, he compares the Sony Alpha 7 IV and the Sony FX30 and discusses the features of each camera and which one is the best for you.

Maria Fade – @TheMariaFade

Maria Fade describes her channel better than we ever could. She states, “Your hot older sister basically sharing my camera roll. So it’s a lot of  fashion, content creation tips and all the inbetweens.” Through short, vertical videos, Fade shares bits and pieces of her life with her 72.5K subscribers. With wit and humor she talks about beauty, fashion, tech, and social media. She was recently in the market for an upgraded camera and talked with her audience about it for a month. She ended up getting the Sony ZV-1 and shared the video below.

Hallease Narvaez – @hallease

Hallease Narvaez is a digital storyteller, video producer, and filmmaker currently based in Texas. On her channel, she creates short films, ‘vlogumentaries’, and shares scripted and unscripted stories. It is also a space for creative inspiration, continued learning, and conversations about the creative process. In 2018, Narvaez became a YouTube Creators for Change Ambassador, receiving a filmmaking grant for making content on the platform that combats hate speech and xenophobia. That opportunity along with a few other gigs propelled her into starting her own production company, StumbleWell. She also recently hit 100K subscribers on YouTube and to celebrate she gave away a Sony ZV-1 to help enable other Black women to share their stories online. Be sure to check out her channel and subscribe.

Kelechi Mgbemena – @kelechimgbemena

Kelechi Mgbemena is a Nigerian based Beauty Influencer, Digital Content Creator, and Social media expert. She creates weekly beauty, lifestyle, video production, and shares tips on how to grow your social media presence. Her goal is to help small start-up content creators, entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers build and grow a profitable online brand video creation and content marketing. She shoots her content on the Sony ZV-1 and breaks down all her settings for beauty content in the video below.


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