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Review Roundup: The New Sony Alpha 7 IV

The new Sony Alpha 7 IV is an exceptional hybrid camera packed with outstanding still image quality and evolved video technology with advanced autofocus, enhanced operability and improved workflow capability. Several have had the opportunity to test it out and have shared their first impressions online. Check out some of the hands-on reviews from across the web for the Sony Alpha 7 IV below.

See what reviewers are saying about the new Alpha 7 IV – an exceptional hybrid camera packed with outstanding still image quality and evolved video technology.


“In the end, just like the Alpha 7 III, the Alpha 7 IV is so much more than a 'basic' full-frame camera. With its design, electronic viewfinder, touchscreen, battery life, image quality, ease of use and of course very, very useful features, this is a camera that will last for many, many years." – Faruk Korkmaz

The Art Of Photography

“Consider for a minute where this camera lives in Sony’s product lineup. So this is the tier that includes things like the Alpha 7 III, the Alpha 7C, and now the Alpha 7 IV. And when you consider this is going to be a $2500 camera for somebody who’s serious, they want to have a full frame camera that has the best of both worlds in terms of the hybrid system. They want to be able to get amazing still photography, be able to have a lot of flexibility in video shooting, well this is going to give you exactly that. You’ve got the autofocus basically from the Alpha 1, you’ve got enough speed in the camera even though it’s not a dual stack CMOS configuration and you have some of the high-end video features from the Alpha 7S III, the only advantage there’s going to be super low light, high ISOs as well as high frame rates. But depending on your needs as a photographer, I think that this body is going to fulfill exactly what a lot of people are looking for.” – Ted Forbes

Tech Radar

“It can no longer be classed as an 'entry-level' full-frame camera, but the Sony A7 IV is a truly modern hybrid that largely justifies its price tag. The new 33MP sensor looks a solid performer for both stills and video, and the A7 IV benefits from Sony's class-leading autofocus skills. It's a shame the 4K/60p video mode is only available with a large crop, but otherwise the A7 IV is shaping up to be a rock-solid all-rounder for most hybrid shooters. It might be the only camera you ever need.”

Read the full review here.

Gerald Undone

“In fact, I’d even say that if you need good autofocus and shoot on a tripod, this camera offers the best image quality you can get for the money right now, period. So my summary would be the Alpha 7 IV, while not quite perfect, is a huge upgrade over its predecessor worthy of its increased price tag and in many practical usage scenarios, has enough tools to supplant even the flagship Alpha 1.” – Gerald Undone

Jenna Ezarik

“I switch between camera, movie, S&Q mode all the time, so now being able to easily just adjust which mode – it’s perfect. And of course we have the side-opening, front-facing, flip out display so that I can see myself. Also what’s new with this camera is when we plug it into a computer, we have the easy access option to choose what we do.” – Jenna Ezarik

Jason Vong

"It's literally in a class of its own. It has all the upgrades that we've anticipated, minus the 4K60 in full-frame, but if you can overlook that, the Sony Alpha 7 IV is one hell of a solid camera for hybrid shooting." – Jason Vong


“I really enjoyed shooting with the Sony Alpha 7 IV. It’s a lot more fully-featured than I thought it would be for this basic level of camera. Sony clearly didn’t cut too many features out of this model and there will be people buying this instead of an Alpha 7S III if they don’t need the super low light or 120 frames-per-second recording. This camera will definitely find its market.” – Nino Leitner

B&H Photo Video

“As promised, the Alpha 7 IV delivers flagship-level performance and image quality in a camera body that rivals some of Sony’s premier mirrorless cameras fitting snugly somewhere between the Alpha 7S III and the Alpha 6500. So whether you’re a photographer, videographer or streamer, or heck, maybe all three combined, the new Sony Alpha 7 IV fits the bill, thanks to the 33 megapixel sensor, the BIONZ XR Processor, high-recognition Eye AF Tracking, full-frame 4K 10-Bit video recording, pro-level picture profiles and efficient livestreaming capabilities – the Alpha 7 IV can pretty much do it all.” – Jake Estes

Imaging Resource

“All in all, from my time with the camera so far, I think Alpha 7 IV might take the crown from Alpha 7R IV as Sony's most versatile camera ever. The sheer amount of features this "new basic" model inherits from the flagship A1 and A7S III is quite impressive while still coming in at a much more wallet-friendly price point. Resolution, performance, and price. I don't know about you, but to me, the Sony Alpha 7 Mark IV feels like the Alpha 1 for the rest of us.” – William Brawley

Read the full review here.

Dan & Sally Watson

“This is an incredible camera when it comes to image quality. Obviously we have a brand new sensor and zooming in at 100% is the most beautifully crisp images. I even showed him. I stopped in my tracks editing these photos and I was like, ‘Dan, you gotta come look at this.’ It’s a lot because I require a lot. And obviously Sony lenses are great too paired along with this camera but this camera’s quality for the price it is and what it is, is absolutely amazing.” – Sally Watson


“I think this is really a great camera now. We have an option for a serious enthusiast camera or higher-end niche cameras if you need to go there, or a compact pocket Alpha 7C, and it really makes the lineup make more sense.” – Chris Niccolls

Gordon Laing

“The Alpha 7 IV may be classified as the entry-level model in Sony’s full-frame mirrorless lineup, but like its predecessors will more than satisfy the majority of photographers, videographers, and hybrid shooters. Three and a half years after the hugely popular Alpha 7 III, the new 7 IV boosts the resolution to 33 megapixels without compromising noise levels. It improves the menus and controls, increases the viewfinder resolution, sports a more comfortable grip and allows the screen to flip out and twist at almost any angle or back in itself with protection…” – Gordon Laing


“Overall it’s really exciting to see how Sony Alpha is creating cameras that are more and more accessible to people. The Alpha 7 IV, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, with all the features it has, it’s really in the sweet spot where a lot of people are going to be able to afford this tool. I think it’s going to be off to the races for a lot of people who are wanting to jump into this higher level cinematography and still photography who have important stories to tell as we all move forward in this time of change.” – Renan Ozturk

Manny Ortiz

“The subject tracking more than anything else is life-changing. I’m just going to say life-changing. The camera’s ability to track an object where their eyes are not showing, they’re face is not showing, it’s just next level. Now another thing you’re going to instantly notice is the ergonomics of the Alpha 7 IV are much improved over the Alpha 7 III. You’re getting the same body as the Alpha 7S III, except for one thing, and that’s the mode dial. But I like that you can control it with just your index finger, so you can go from photo to video without having to even take your eye off the viewfinder.” – Manny Ortiz


“I’m currently in Hawaii right now with my sister Jenna with a brand new camera. This is the Sony Alpha 7 IV. And not only am I here with this incredible camera, we shot an incredible campaign.” – Justine Ezarik

See more of what they captured with the new camera below.


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