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See How These Photographers Get Up Close To Capture Nature’s Details

A lot of us venture outdoors with our cameras to capture vast landscape scenes that provide reference for just how big our planet is, and just how small we are. That larger-than-life perspective is, visually, extremely powerful, but sometimes it also pays to stop and look at the details up-close. Today, we're spotlighting photographers who do just that by using their cameras and lenses to capture nature a little closer, and give the viewer a different perspective to appreciate. With unexpected lenses like the Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master  as well as the longtime favorite Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G, these photographers are able to fill their frames with nature in a different context. Follow their accounts for more, tag your own shot-with-Sony posts with #BeAlpha and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of Sony photo inspiration.

See how these photographers fill their frames with nature in a different context.

Peter McBride – @pedromcbride

Peter McBride is a Sony Artisan and @natgeo photographer based in Colorado. Peter has been to over 75 countries on assignment and uses his Instagram account to share his adventures and inform people about the importance of conservation. Capturing different parts of the world and its varying environments and cultures, his photographs always tell a story. While we often see far-reaching landscapes on his Instagram, he also manages to get up-close with parts of nature, like in this He posts this icy and part-underwater image with the caption, “That moment of transitioning back to cold, ice and what lays [sic] below.” Follow him for more meaningful stories involving nature and conservation.

Katrin Eismann – @katrin_eismann

Sony Artisan Of Imagery Katrin Eismann has a wonderful ability to connect you to her photography, whether it be a moment, a person or nature. She posted these images below taken with the Sony Alpha 1 and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master with the caption, “When I started with photography there were three subjects I could not walk past without photographing: koi fish, sunflower fields, and ferns. You can’t leave your roots…especially when jet lagging! At lower altitudes the ferns remained greenly verdant, while at higher altitudes the killing frost had blanketed the ground cover into faded submission. What subjects are your photographic sirens call?” Follow her account for more thoughtful and creative posts in your feed.

Gina Danza – @wildgina

Gina Danza is a nature photographer, visual storyteller and member of the Alpha Collective. She takes an approach to photography that includes connecting with nature and getting in touch with her emotional side, something that is reflected through her imagery and makes it stand out. Give her account a follow for more storytelling within intimate moments of nature. She took this beautiful image below with her Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens. 

Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Photographer and member of the Alpha Collective Erin Sullivan's passion for the outdoors shines through in all forms of her photography. She not only travels to incredible places and captures the views both from afar and up-close with her Sony Alpha gear, she also creates her own world with miniatures and household items and the up-close results are creative masterpieces. See these up-close images of ice from her trip to Iceland, but you have to check out her account to see her miniature scenes and more!

Aarzoo Khurana – @aarzoo_khurana

Aarzoo Khurana is a nature and wildlife photographer based in India. She describes her photos as a dance of light and shadows portraying some of the most engaging moments one might witness in the wild. She strives to find beauty in the elements of nature and to fully capture it through her lens, like in this simple photo below of a bird enjoying golden hour.

Doris Rehling – @dorerimamo

Doris Rehling is a Sony photographer based in Austria. Using the combination of her Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens, she captures colorful and interesting macro shots of all kinds. She took this photo of a withered dandelion with waterdrops that gives us a detailed view of the world within a flower. We’ve all seen plenty of images with fields full of colorful dandelions, but this macro perspective gives us a completely different view.

Dag Arild Larsen – @dagalarsen

Norway-based landscape and astroscape photographer Dag Arild Larsen posts beautiful shots of the stunning auroras and rolling landscapes of the surrounding area, but he also isn’t afraid to get up close for a different view of what surrounds us. He took this macro shot of a snowflake using his Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 90mm f/2.8 Macro G lens.


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