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See How These Photographers Use Simple Reflections To Add Dimension And Depth

As we rapidly approach the end of 2023, we are taking a look back at the past year. From Spotify Wrapped to personal goals, the end of the year is a great opportunity to reflect on highs and lows from the last 12 months. And we at Sony love a visual metaphor, so to help you reflect on your year, we’ve gathered a selection of reflection images. Take a look and see how these Sony shooters use this technique to elevate their imagery, and begin to think about your own photography goals you would like to work toward in 2024. As you share your images, be sure to tag #SonyAlpha for your chance to be featured and follow @SonyAlpha for more photography inspiration!

See how these Sony shooters use this technique to elevate their imagery, and reflect back on all of the compelling imagery you created this year.

Brooke Shaden – @brookeshaden

Sony Artisan Brooke Shaden is a self-portrait artist who photographs herself and becomes the characters of dreams inspired by a childhood of intense imagination and fear. Being the creator and the actor, Brooke controls her darkness and confronts those fears. Brooke might be the queen of photographing reflections, both literally and figuratively. In the image below, we love the mirror shards. In the caption she explains a bit about how she was able to create this image. 

Cate Schweitzer – @CatesCompass

Cate Schweitzer is a photographer based in the Southeast who loves to capture the outdoors on her Sony Alpha 7 III. She’s a hiking and camping aficionado with a passion for travel and trying new things. On her Instagram and her blog Cate shares information and guides on all things hiking, exploration, and outdoor adventure. Cate has a talent for creating interesting compositions in frequently-photographed places. We love the symmetry in the image below. Cate took this shot on her Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3

Holly Rose Stones – @hollyrosestones

Holly Rose Stones is a British photographer and artist working primarily in self portraiture, set design, and prop making. Holly’s work explores mental health, personal stories, human interaction, and challenges her introspective view of the self and female form. Her latest project ‘The Colour Project’ explores surreal, bold and monochromatic worlds. She is using one color at a time to make a series of props and sets, using the ideas from her dreams to create the self portraits series. The image below is from that series exploring the color green. We love the movement in the Instagram Reel. In the caption Holly shares that this was shot on her new camera, the Sony Alpha 7 IV and that the flip screen is amazing.

Stan Moniz – @stanmoniz

Sony Brand Ambassador Stan Moniz is known for his oceanscapes and starscapes. This particular post caught our eye because of the stunning reflection! We love that he included himself in the frame. It takes the storytelling one step further, and it adds great perspective and scale. Learn more about how to set up your camera for astro images HERE.

Nancy Borowick – @nancyborowick

Sony Artisan Nancy Borowick has told the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe. She documents those adventures on Instagram along with the fun moments happening in her everyday life. We love this beautiful reflection of her son on a train. His expression of wonder is mesmerizing and the reflection in the window adds visual interest to the frame. Ultimately, this is so successful because we, as the viewer, are brought into an intimate moment and feel the personal connection. 

Monaris – @monaris_

Monaris is a Sony Brand Ambassador and photographer. Combining her passion for visual storytelling and photography, Monaris has developed a distinct creative style focused on composition and color theory that lives to transform brief instances of reality into movie-like scenes. We adore this self-portrait / street photo combo. The holding hands through the window that is framed by Monaris’ own reflection is a winning shot. 

Michael Forsberg – @mforsbergphoto

Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, Michael Forsberg is a conservation photographer based in Nebraska. Forsberg founded a multimedia initiative known as the Platte Basin Timelapse, which uses photography, video, and written storytelling to educate people about their watershed. Forsberg is also currently working on photographing cranes as part of a larger project. We love the image he made below with his Sony Alpha 1. He was out photographing the Sandhill Crane migration, when a Coyote wandered into the scene. Michael tells the story of what happened in the caption, “Three to four feet tall, cranes are formidable and will often intimidate or mob a threat rather than flee. The coyote’s back slouched and he flattened his ears perhaps regretting his decision knowing they had the advantage, but he held his line moving slowly and the cranes soon realized he had no interest in them and their tensions eased. When Coyote finally reached the end of the roost he stopped for a long moment and looked up to watch an eagle soaring over the trees. It was such a lovely quiet moment, and then he continued on his way.” 

Ryan Ditch – @ryanditchphoto

San Diego-based photographer Ryan Ditch focuses on landscape and commercial work. He shoots on his Sony Alpha 7R V and a variety of Sony lenses. His Instagram account is so aesthetically pleasing, it’ll make you want to hop in your car and head west! We love the light and composition of this piece. Including a small section of the reflection truly elevates this image. Learn more about Ryan and his go-to gear in his What's In My Bag article.

Hananiah Aldrich – @niahrosephoto

Niah Aldrich is a full time portrait photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri. She enjoys pushing colors to the max, and traveling to meet new creatives in other cities. Her work consists of off camera flash, and natural light depending on the location. Aldrich primarily shoots in her studio, but she gets outside any chance she gets, especially in the spring when the flowers are in bloom. She shoots on the Sony Alpha 7 IV and a slew of Sony lenses. We love this Instagram Reel, showcasing a Barbie-themed photo shoot. The use of the mirror and reflections are subtle but wonderful. Check out Niah’s full Sony kit in her What's In My Bag article.

Nate Dodge – @Nate_Dodge

Nate Dodge is a commercial photographer and filmmaker with a niche in the outdoor and adventure industries. His Instagram feed is filled with aesthetically pleasing images including landscapes, shots of fly fishing, and general adventure images. He shoots with the Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony Alpha 7 IV. We love the pop of red in the photo here, it really draws the viewer's eye to the subject of the frame. Learn more about Nate’s journey and how he’s created a niche for himself HERE.


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