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See Why These Creators Switched To Sony

As proud tech and gear aficionados, we’re always attracted to new products and innovations in the photography and filmmaking world. From AI autofocus to ergonomics, it seems as though there is always something new and exciting to improve on. That might be why we are inundated with stories of creators switching camera systems. We love hearing the multitude of reasons why photographers and filmmakers are leaving Canon and Nikon in favor of a Sony Alpha system. Check out these creators' stories that they’ve shared with their community on TikTok. See even more creator content following @SonyAlpha on TikTok.

We love discovering the multitude of reasons why photographers and filmmakers have chosen Sony. See how these creators on TikTok made the switch to Sony. 

Cassidy Lynne - @cassidylynnephoto

Cassidy Lynne is a wedding photographer and educator dedicated to helping others learn about wedding photography and how to grow as a photographer. She teaches through a variety of outlets including mentorship sessions, a podcast, Instagram, and of course TikTok! She is frequently asked why she switched from Canon to Sony and in the TikTok below she explains. Her husband began shooting weddings with her, and he was shooting on Sony. Once she experienced the mirrorless technology, the incredible autofocus, and the low light capabilities – she was hooked.

Johnny Hammond - @jhnyhmnd

Johnny Hammond is a filmmaker and director. On his social channels he shares tips, tricks, and insights on all things video lighting, video production, and business. Whether you're just starting out or looking to up your game, he’s got something for you. In the TikTok below, he describes feeling frustrated with “Canon’s lack of innovation” and “outrageous prices.” So he switched to the Sony FX3 and just recently added the Sony FX6 to his kit. He also uses the Sony 24-105mm f/4 G. Give him a follow and watch as he documents how he rigs out his cameras, and learns the ins and outs of getting started with his new Sony system!

Allie & Ryan Perkes - @theperkesinlife

Okay, this might not be a formal “switch” from another brand, but we loved this video! Allie Perkes surprised her husband with his dream camera - the Sony Alpha 7 IV and the Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G. Her husband, Ryan (@RyanPerkesvideo) loves filming wildlife in Idaho, but he didn’t have camera equipment, he had been attaching his phone to a scope to film. His pure delight was heartwarming and we can’t wait to see what Ryan creates!

Tom Calton - @TomCalton

Tom Calton is a professional photographer and videographer based in the United Kingdom. He’s been using cameras to make a living for almost half of his life. On his social platforms, he reviews the latest photography gear and teaches people how to take cool images with their camera. In the video below, he outlines some of the reasons he made the jump from Canon to Sony. He noted the wide range of lenses as well as the autofocus capabilities. Also, as a photo/video hybrid shooter, Tom appreciates the ability to shoot everything in a single body. 

Cassie - @Cassiifrass

Cassie is a model, designer, and content creator. She creates a variety of content centered around lifestyle and fashion. She previously shot her vlogs on Nikon but has recently switched to the Sony ZV-E10. She explains that her favorite feature is the soft skin effect. The main reason she switched was the ability to change lenses, which many vlogging cameras lack. Check out her account and give her a follow to learn more about creating user Generated Content. 


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