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Sony α7S III: Hands-On & First Impressions

The new and exciting features found in the Sony α7S III provide creators with limitless possibilities to create. Several had already had the opportunity to test out the α7S III in advance of its announcement and are sharing their first impressions of the camera online. Here are some of the first reactions across the web for Sony’s newest full-frame mirrorless.

See the first reactions across the web for the new Sony α7S III.

Dan Watson

“This is a huge improvement from the α7S II and really a big improvement from every other camera on the market, especially for video. Being able to shoot a ton of different options, including a ton of different bit rates, up to 4K 120, is amazing. And obviously the low light is nowhere near any other camera on the market. It is so much better than everyone else.”

TechRadar – Basil Kronfli

“With huge improvements to handling and connectivity, a pin-sharp viewfinder, and, of course, hugely impressive low-light performance across both video and stills, it's the finest hybrid video camera you can buy.“

Read the full review here.

DPReview TV – Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake

“Now I can touch there on my menu and choose my menu selections -- radical! Awesome! IT’S INCREDIBLE!”

"It's just been very reliable and a pleasure to shoot with. The auto focus has been working great. We shot the whole thing handheld and it does look fairly stable. And our battery is still at 30% after the whole day. We've had no overheat warnings! I mean that's what I really love about the Sony – it seems like a camera that's designed for using it day-in and day-out and getting the job done." 

B&H Photo & Video – Doug Guerra

“The α7S III is REAL and it brings with it countless improvements - basically everything you were asking for. 4k 120p video, 10 bit 422 color – that’s right! - a vari-angle LCD screen, fast phase-detect autofocus, and of course, even better low-light performance than before. This means you’ll get better color and detail, beautiful slow-motion, AF tracking of fast moving subjects and an overall ease of use with the camera…Let me tell you - it is truly something.” 

Imaging Resource – William Brawley

“Sony α7S III has been officially unveiled, and boy does it appear to be an absolute beast for anyone on the market for a high-performance, video-centric full-frame camera.”

Read the full review here.

TheCameraStoreTV – Evelyn Drake & Dave Paul

"That continuous autofocus for the video modes is a really big deal. Especially being able to shoot slow motion video with the continuous tracking autofocus… It gives you some new creative possibilities…"

The Art Of Photography – Ted Forbes

“Hats off to Sony for delivering. I think it’s one of their best cameras for low-light performance, especially for video. It really is outstanding. It’s one of the best pictures I’ve seen on any Sony camera. It’s one of the best image stabilization systems that I’ve seen on any Sony camera.”

Engadget – Steve Dent

“...it features a new Bionz XR chip and 12.1-megapixel Exmor R sensor with huge pixels and a 40-409,600 extended ISO range that should let the α7S series keep its low-light crown.”

Read the full review here.

Sara Dietschy

"Forgive me for being insanely excited about this. This camera is ‘future-proofed.’ We have to talk about storage because this is something cool and quirky Sony did – it features dual SD card slots but also goes one step further. Within those slots can fit in TWO types of memory, an SD card but also a CFexpress card type A. You have the world’s first 9.4 million dot EVF, super clear, super crisp  – it is a joy to look through.”

iJustine – Justine Ezarik

“I love having the touchscreen be ‘touch to focus’ and the autofocus on this thing is so freaking FAST. “

Gizmodo – Sam Rutherford

“...The good stuff doesn’t stop there though because the α7S III has a new 9.44 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder that boasts almost twice the resolution of its closest competitors...”

Read the full review here.

Peter Lindgren

“We were shooting in 4k 120, 4k 24, and 4k 60 and didn’t have any issues at ALL with overheating because it just kept on rolling. There’s also no recording limit in any mode of the camera and that is SO good… You don’t have to worry about starting and stopping…When you’re shooting in S Log 3 with this camera it will give 15 stops of dynamic range and it looks absolutely insane because you get so much detail even in the shadows.”

Gerald Undone

“This camera is incredible. It met all of my expectations, and exceeded most of them. It does things that no other camera on the market can do.”

“For current Sony users, this is a dream camera and you should order it immediately.”

Jenna Ezarik

“Being able to pull out these highlights and colors, we were amazed! Just comparing the footage between this camera and some of the older cameras, we were blown away!”


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