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Subscribe & Learn From Some Of The Best Sports Photographers On YouTube

Sports photography and videography are both actually a lot like sports themselves in the way that the more you practice, the better you’ll get. There are so many different environments a sports shooter might work in, and sometimes it’s not possible to practice in that exact environment before you have to shoot. That’s where YouTube comes in. There’s an endless stream of advice from sports photographer and videographers who have been in different situations. With a quick search you can learn how to use strobes to photograph basketball, how to edit your basketball images, how to create a cinematic sports film and so much more. We’ve gathered a group of sports photographers and videographers who are posting YouTube content for other sports shooters. See more from their YouTube Channels and subscribe below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube.

How do you use strobes to photograph basketball? How do you make a sports film cinematic? Learn from these YouTubers who are creating video content for sports shooters.

Patrick Murphy-Racey

Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey is a professional photographer and videographer who loves to shoot sports and high-end lit portraits. His experience in sports photography makes him an excellent resource for other sports shooters. He teaches others about the craft through workshops, online learning and his YouTube Channel. His videos are filled with solid information to help you step up your photography game. Check out his video below where he explains how to use strobes to photograph basketball and subscribe to his channel for more informational content.

Paul Gero

Sony Artisan Paul Gero is a professional photographer and filmmaker. He mostly photographs weddings, portraits and sports, and shares his knowledge of the industry with others on his YouTube Channel. See the video below where he shares how he sets up his Sony Alpha 1 for sports photography. Watch as he explains his menu settings and focus area settings he primarily uses for shooting sports. He keeps his camera similarly configured for all forms of his photography, so this is a helpful one for anyone shooting with the Alpha 1.

Beyond The Game

Is an Australia-based content creator with years of experience producing content and video for various sports clubs, leagues and more. He founded Beyond the Game, a source of inspiring and educational sports videography content for emerging creators. The goal through his YouTube Channel is to provide viewers with all the guidance and tools they need to tell their own sports stories. Check out his post below where he explains how to make cinematic sports videos and subscribe to his channel for weekly posts with more information on how to shoot sports videos.

Danny Gevirtz

Danny Gevirtz is a filmmaker and he’s sharing all he knows about his craft on his YouTube Channel. His videos show the behind-the-scenes work involved in creating different types of films and gives an inside look at how he does it. His work has a cinematic style and he uses the Sony FX3 and Sony Alpha 7S III to achieve it. If you want to learn more about storytelling and cinematic films, subscribe to his channel.

Jordan Jimenez

Jordan Jimenez is a Bay Area-based freelance photographer specializing in basketball. His YouTube Channel shows life behind-the-scenes as a sports photographer, from pre-production to post-processing. Watch in the video below as shares his preparation for shooting a professional basketball game as he packs the Sony Alpha 9, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master to go to the arena. He also walks us through his process for editing the images afterward. 


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