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Tell Your Story: Follow These YouTubers To Level Up Your Vlogging Technique

There is nothing we love more than watching vloggers on Youtube. It feels like hanging out with a good friend and just chit chatting! But vlogging can be more challenging than it looks - from using gear that can keep up to figuring out your on-camera personality, it can be difficult. These five vloggers make it look easy but also offer advice and tips on how to up your own vlogging game.

Learn more about vlogging with Sony and get inspiration for your own vlog HERE. Check out how the Sony ZV-E10 can take your vlogging to the next level in the videos below! 

Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy is a vlogger who makes videos about tech, creativity, vlogs, documentary, reviews, how-to and entrepreneurship. She shares her own creative process, along with other filmmakers, photographers and artists in effort to help the audience live their best creative life. For example, in the video below, she has just purchased the Sony ZV-E10 and talks through the specs and why she upgraded to it. Be sure to subscribe to Dietschy’s channel for a dose of inspiration and cheerfulness! 

Justine Ezarik – iJustine

On her YouTube Channel, iJustine, Justine Ezarik vlogs about tech, travel, and gaming. And with over 7 million subscribers, we’d say she’s pretty good at it. She’s a great vlogging personality - not afraid to be silly or real in front of the camera. We love the video below where she talks about her new Sony ZV-E10 and tests out a bunch of lenses with it. She boasts the interchangeable lens feature of the ZV-E10.

Nina Carpio – Smile Like Nina

SmileLikeNina is a channel for modern women who want to feel empowered and who are looking to enhance their beauty both internally and externally. Nina vlogs the latest on fashion and beauty and teaches some of her favorite life hacks. As you can see from her video below, she has a bubbly personality – spreading that fun through her videos. It is clear why she named her channel Smile Like Nina! 

Dunna – Dunna Did It

If you’re like us, you love to geek out on the latest and greatest gear. That’s why we love Dunna’s channel. He makes video reviews and tutorials about photography and videography. We definitely recommend subscribing to his channel to stay up to date on all the photography and videography trends and tips on accomplishing your vlogging goals. 

Morgan S. Taylor

Morgan S. Taylor is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger based in the Washington, DC area. In the video below, Taylor talked through why she chose this camera as an upgrade from her Canon 70D. She talks about the Sony ZV-E10 size, interchangeable lenses, and weight. She holds the cameras up side by side and says, referring to the Canon, “I could lift weights with this!” We love the immediate joy you can see as she unboxes her new vlogging camera!


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