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The Alpha Collective Captures A Side Of Scotland You've Never Seen

Earlier this fall, 10 members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective set out to explore all of the picturesque landscapes and cities Scotland has to offer. Using the latest Sony cameras and lenses, the group hit a number of epic locations, including the beautiful Isle of Skye and the historic city of Edinburgh. In this look back at the Collective’s Scottish journey, see how they captured the country's ancient and mysterious beauty. View more from their experience at #AICdoesScotland.

"The sunrise at Old Man Storr was one of the best any of us have ever witnessed. After a hike in the dark, wind & rain, the sky opened and lit up the landscape. Words cannot describe it. That's why we’re photographers!"-Sal D'Alia (@timbuz)

"I know everyone on the trip will say the same thing, but the sunrise at Old Man Storr has to be one of the best sunrises any of us have ever witnessed. After a hike in the dark, wind and rain, the sky opened up and a magic pink sunrise lit up the landscape. Words cannot describe it. That's why we are photographers!"

"I ended up using the 12-24mm quite often, some will say it's usually more of a 'special effect' lens but between the crazy wide landscapes, my video tracking shots of the other photographers and the panorama shots, I used this lens a good half of the time." -Sal D'Alia (@timbuz)


"This trip was really a turning point in friendship for me with a number of the members on the trip. I had met all but one of the group previously, but hadn’t really gotten to know everyone well. After leaving Scotland I consider them all good friends and can’t wait to see them all again."

"I shot exclusively with the new 24mm f/1.4 G Master on the trip. I’d been waiting for this lens to come out since I switched to Sony years ago. The images did not disappoint one bit!" -Zach Allia (@zachallia)


"As always, the α7R III and 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens combination was my go-to set up. That's a fantastic combination for landscape photography and the 16-35mm G Master is both beautifully sharp and incredibly versatile, especially in a location like Scotland where I didn't know precisely what to expect." -Mahesh Thapa (@starvingphotographer




"The Old Man of Storr is like nothing I've seen before. The location is easily accessible and I would have spent at least a week exploring the area to photograph it from every single angle if I could. The shape of the rock is so enigmatic and mythical, there's something otherworldly about it and this is always what I am looking for in landscape photography. I am already planning my next trip to Scotland just to go back there!" -Catherine Simard (@cathsimard


"I shot with both the α7R III and the α7 III and both bodies are amazing. I loved having an opportunity to try out the new 24mm 1.4 G Master, which blew me away in its ability to capture detail while taking photos of the local longhair cattle, as well as knocking it out of the park when shooting astro at the castle we stayed at. The fact that it's a G Master lens and yet incredibly lightweight made me not want to take it off my camera." -Eric Ward (@littlecoal)


 "I’m a big fan of the G Master lenses and on this trip I was primarily using the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens on my α7R III. With its high dynamic range, abundance of megapixels, and super fast auto focus, the α7R III is my go-to camera and paired with the 24-70mm f2.8 GM, it's is such a versatile combination and the perfect setup for almost any situation. I always know that I'm going to end up with crisp shots with this setup." -Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin)






"It's always a learning experience traveling with other members of the Collective, as all of our shooting styles, preferred subjects, and overall creativity varies substantially. Plus, it's a real treat to experience a beautiful destination with like-minded, talented and passionate individuals. The rain and wind made changing lenses a little more challenging, so I found myself using the α7R III and 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master in many situations. I love how flexible the 24-70mm focal length is and I can always rely on the sharpness of the G Master range." -Renee Hahnel (@reneeroaming)



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