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Welcome Wedding Season By Following These Wedding Photographers On Instagram

With spring in the air and the flowers blooming, wedding season is upon us! Photographing a couple's big day can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, monotonous. It’s important to keep your creativity alive to authentically capture people’s weddings. As we’re in the midst of wedding season, we are sharing some outstanding wedding and engagement photographers to keep your creativity alive. Tag your Sony photography posts with #BeAlpha for a chance to be featured and follow @sonyalpha for your daily dose of photography inspiration.

Keep your creativity alive with these outstanding wedding and engagement photographers in your Instagram feed.

Mike Colon – @mikecolon

Sony Artisan of Imagery Mike Colón, based in San Diego, CA is an incredible wedding and fashion photographer. He is skilled at bringing his  high-fashion, elegant aesthetic to all of his weddings. We’re sure the brides love it! Colón has also gotten his work flow down to an art form - read about it here

Zabrina Deng – @zabrinaxyz

From Paris to Shanghai, Sony Artisan of Imagery, Zabrina Deng has traveled the world as a wedding and engagement photographer. She creates breathtaking moments for her couples that can only be described as works of art. Deng has found her Sony kit to be critical in keeping up with the fast paced nature of her work. Whatever she’s doing, it’s clearly working! 

Robert Evans – @robertevans

Sony Artisan of Imagery Robert Evans is a highly-regarded wedding photographer. We love that the couple’s personality shines through in his imagery, as does the story of the wedding day. In this image, you can tell the day is hectic but the couple is overjoyed to be married and be together. Evans shot this image on his Sony Alpha 1 with the Sony 14mm f/1.8 G Master lens. 

Sara France – @sarafrance

Sara France is a Sony Artisan of Imagery and wedding photographer. She is also the founder of The Copper Collective, a talented team of female wedding photographers, with locations in San Diego, Austin, and Hawaii; and Shay Studios, which creates visual content for brands. France shot this image with her Sony Alpha 7R III and Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master. She says that, “This lens is my favorite for getting that really unique combination of a shallow depth of field with a wide perspective.”

Paul Gero – @paulgero

Sony Artisan of Imagery and wedding photographer Paul Gero’s Instagram post recently caught our eye. In the caption Gero describes the wedding day by stating, “surrounded by the glow from dozens of starry lights on the stage amidst family and friends, it was a celebration of two great young people, who met in college and are doing great things in their chosen fields (law and medicine).” We can feel the ‘glow’ he describes through his image quality. Gero uses great color tones and composition to tell the story of the day, and it makes us feel we are right there, celebrating alongside the couple! 

Jermaine Horton - @jermainehortonphotography

Jermaine Horton is a portrait, wedding and sports photographer based in Chicago as well as a Sony Artisan of Imagery. Horton’s imagery and editing process is stunning, truly making the bride look like a queen - as she should! Check out more of Horton’s work by following him on Instagram, @jermainehortonphotography.

Kesha Lambert – @keshalambert

Master wedding photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Kesha Lambert isn’t afraid to take chances with her work. We love this series of images of the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids. The pop of color makes these fun and whimsical, while the black and white image paints the ladies in the fabulous drama. In a similar hairspray photograph, Lambert describes how she anticipates moments like these, “throughout the day there are many special micro moments like this that repeat across almost every wedding that I photograph. Learning when to anticipate these small moments is critical for creating images that truly stand out. I have always loved trying to document the moments of quickly unfolding magic on wedding day, it’s a challenge that never gets old for me.”

Jose Villa – @josevilla

Sony Artisan of Imagery and wedding photographer Jose Villa consistently blows us away with his fine art, high fashion style. We love the light and airy feel to his dramatic images. And the composition and lighting in the image below is outstanding! Villa describes his own style, “my approach applies fine art photography to the living, breathing, fast-moving phenomenon that is a wedding. For me, it is all about making something beautiful. Ultimately, my goal is to craft vibrant, energetic, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.”

Henry Tieu – @henrysdiary

Henry Tieu is a destination wedding and adventure elopement photographer and member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. His dreamy photography style makes you feel like you’re out in the mountains with the couple. Tieu describes his feelings when he gets to document someone's wedding by stating: “it’s absolutely an incredible emotion that words can’t fully explain whenever I get to be a part of someone’s story, adventure, life chapter.” Follow Tieu’s Instagram to see more of his adventure-style wedding photography. He also mentors and teaches wedding photography, learn more about that here.

Ashley Brehm – @ashleyinwanderland

Ashley Brehm is a boudoir, portraits, and wedding photographer as well as a Sony Alpha Imaging Collective member based in Bend, Oregon. Her passion is to “capture real moments with real people making lifelong memories.” We love her dark, muted tones and the emotions they evoke. This image was shot with the Sony Alpha 7 III. Check out more of Brehm’s kit here

Lottie Photography – @lottie_photography

Lottie is a photographer based in Essex, UK. With her Sony in hand, Lottie captures not only the posed moments but the candid, quiet, and in between moments. We love Lottie’s color tone and storytelling style. Check out more of Lottie’s work by following her on Instagram, @lottie_photography.

Melissa MacDonald – @melissamacdonaldphoto

Melissa MacDonald is a New Jersey-based wedding photographer whose ethos is to capture genuine moments and emotions. She often focuses on moments when the couple aren’t frozen posing, but are truly interacting with each other. She has a strong eye for composition as well. Check out more of her work on her Instagram. 


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