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See How These Wedding Photographers Capture Every Moment Of A Couple's Special Day

Wedding season is in full swing, and it's a perfect time to celebrate love for each other, friends and family. The days are long, warm and full of potential, much like the days ahead for the lucky couple getting married. Not only does the new couple look ahead to their future, they also like to look back at their special day – and that's why wedding photography is one of the most demanding yet rewarding genres of photography to be in. As the photographer, you're there to document one of the biggest days of the lives of two people starting a new path in life together. There are a lot of nerves, excitement and happiness that make the actual events of the day go by very quickly. Couples rely on a good wedding photographer to capture all of those moments, from getting ready, to saying the "I Do's", to the action-packed dance floor. The goal is to capture each part of the day so everyone can look back and reflect on the love and joy that was present. It's not an easy job, and this week we're featuring a group of wedding photographers who have taken on that special task of capturing a day of love. Below, see how they use the speed and sharpness to their advantage with workhorse cameras like the Sony Alpha 7 III and premium prime lenses like the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master, to keep up with every part of the wedding day. Tag your own Sony photos on Instagram with #BeAlpha. We keep an eye on that hashtag for photos and photographers to feature on AlphaUniverse.com. Also, be sure to give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

See how these wedding photographers use use workhorse cameras, and fast lenses to capture every moment of the big day.

Jose Villa - @josevilla

Jose Villa is a Sony Artisan and fine art wedding photographer. He creates stunning images that not only capture the style and mood of a wedding with clarity and elegance, but also the love and passion in quieter moments like in the image below. He recently led a wedding photography workshop during our #BeAlpha Live Online event, and you can catch all the great information in the workshop replays HERE.

Maciej Suwalowski - @magicweddingphotographer

Maciej Suwalowski is a wedding photographer and educator based in Warsaw, Poland. Suwalowski's work is full of life and love. You will find it hard not to feel that love and excitement for the happy couple yourself as he has a boldly elegant, playful and authentic style that will keep you scrolling through his feed. He captured the image below with the Sony Alpha 7R III.

Henry Tieu (@henrysdiary)

Henry Tieu is a member of the Alpha Imaging Collective and one of the most creative wedding and elopment photographers working today. His style of placing couples within grand scenes is as dramatic as it is immediately recognizeable. Working with his creative partner Sergio, Tieu describes the team's own work better than we could, "“We’re like a sushi chef, we like things raw but hella flavorful and you can’t get enough of what we do.” We know what he means about not getting enough. In his spare time, Henry is a cardiac ICU nurse because polymaths are real.  

Zoë Alexandra – @zoealexandraphotography

Zoë Alexandra is a wedding photographer based in Scotland, which clearly influences her style and approach to making beautiful images. They have deep and rich earthy tones that create a very intimate and romantic feel, almost like a renaissance painting that captures a timeless moment that we can all relate to. Zoë has a truly magical and inspiring account that showcases her love for documenting these once in a lifetime moments. The image below was made using the Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens.

Jakub Říha – @r.i.h.a.jakub

Based in Teplice, Czech Republic, Jakub Říha's wedding photos are bold and full of adventure. Much like the image featured below, he brings out the fun and personality of the people he is capturing and the love and beauty shared with everyone involved in the big day. For a lot of love and joy, follow Jakub Říha.

Katie Rogers – @katierogersphotography

Katie Rogers is a photographer based in Sussex, UK. She creates wonderful narratives with her bright and elegant style as you can see throughout her Instagram posts. Her work is well-curated, but with many authentic emotional moments that will put a smile on your face a little more love in your heart.

Andrés Molina – @nomadicfitlust

As a Colorado Springs photographer, Andrés Molina has a warm and dusty mood to his images that help to create a beautiful modern romantic Southwest atmosphere in his photos. As you take a look at Molina's work, you'll also notice his ability to put those in front of his camera at ease to capture some truly authentic loving moments between the couples. This photo was made using the Sony Alpha 7 II.

Lynsey Strader – @lynseystraderphotography

Lynsey Strader is a wedding photographer in the PNW. Her bright and welcoming style makes it hard not to be inspired by her work. There is a wonderful balance of light-hearted play and deep love in her photography. She created the image below with the Sony Alpha 9.


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