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Women's History Month Follow Friday, Part 2

March is Women’s History Month and each week we’ll be utilizing our “Follow Friday” segment to feature a new group of inspiring women creators. Take a look at the impressive work created by these Alpha Females and follow their Instagram accounts to see more.

March is Women’s History Month and each week we’re featuring female photographers who are leading the way in the industry.

Christy Gonzalez – @christygcreative

Christy Gonzalez is an El Paso-based photographer specializing in portrait photography. From graduates and couples to babies and families, she creatively captures the precious moments of people's lives with her Sony α7 III. She’s incredibly passionate about her photography, and also about the power of females in the creative space. She founded the online girl gang @_lafeminista as a passion project to inspire and empower other female creatives. Follow her to see more of her beautiful imagery. 

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Caroline Jensen is a Sony Artisan and her Instagram account features stunning nature and macro shots. She uses beautiful light in interesting ways to create her signature painterly photography style, and it makes her page an easy one to follow. She views her macro photography as a form of therapy and wants others to find peace with their camera in the garden. Give her a follow for more beautiful and serene photography in your feed, like the shot below taken with the Sony α7R IV and Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master.

Jessica Santos – @missjessbess

Jessica Santos is a landscape and astroscape photographer and a member of the Alpha Collective. In her Instagram bio she declares herself a wanderer, adventurer and stargazer, and the photos on her account provide proof that these are incredibly accurate descriptors. As you scroll you'll see breathtaking scenes that make strategic use of the foregrounds and backgrounds, drawing in your eye and making it hard to look away. Give her a follow for more incredible captures of outdoor scenes like the one below taken with the Sony α7R IV and Sony 12-24mm f/2.8 G Master.

Bwi Dwyer – @bri.dwyer

Bri Dwyer is an Alaska-based commercial photographer specializing in the commercial fishing industry. She’s learned how to navigate the challenges that come with being a female working in such a male-dominated industry. She shoots with the Sony α7R III and isn’t afraid to get up-close with the action. Follow her for more imagery from the dock, boat and beyond.

Colette Peri – @colette.peri

Colette 'Coco' Peri is a stop-motion director who creates brand magic through dynamic stop motions. She was an Alpha Female Creator-In-Residence and loves to share her expertise with others and encourages people to discover their creative side. What should you do if you come across a creative block? Colette says to get outside and play! When we tap back into our imagination, the ideas will flow. Follow her for more fun and colorful stop motion photography.

Marvi Lacar – @marvilacar & @bonetiredmama

Marvi Lacar is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and Sony Artisan. She’s covered domestic and international news for major organizations as an editorial photographer, and as a director she’s created pieces for clients like NatGeo Wild, Adidas and more. Her goal through her work is to emotionally connect with her audience using creative visual language. One of her most recent short films documented turtle conservation during the winter storm in Texas

Stephanie Zimmer – @stephaniezimmer_

Stephanie Zimmer is a commercial and private animal photographer who specializes in dog portraits. Her patience and skill allow her to capture great moments from four-legged friends, and she always has plenty of squeaky toys and treats to keep their attention. Follow her account for more cute pups in your feed, because really, can there ever be enough?

Shauna Wade – @so.shauna

Shauna Wade is a travel, lifestyle and street photographer, and a member of the Alpha Collective. Located in NYC/NJ, she captures interesting street shots of the city and its people. She's also the founder of the photography communities @moodygrams and @moodyports, and her images come with her signature moody style that adds depth and layers to every scene she captures. Follow her to see more of the current happenings in the city through her lens.

Amber Baird – @amberbaird & @eyenamics

Amber Baird is a filmmaker, educator and Sony Artisan. As half of the international award-winning Eyenamics filmmaking team, she creates a variety of content including commercial, corporate, television, and documentary. Her expertise in creating dynamic wedding videos like the one below makes her a great person for those in the wedding industry to learn from! 

Mary – @mmmgolly

Mary is a Sony photographer who captures colorful landscape photography and shares them on her Instagram. She’s a big fan of getting out to our national parks to capture the beautiful natural scenes they offer. From wildflowers to waterfalls and everything in between – if you like stunning landscape photography, her account is a good one to follow.

Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Erin Sullivan is an adventure trip leader turned travel photographer who is all about the outdoors. She’s passionate about learning and sharing the real stories from the places she visits. She’s also a member of the Alpha Collective and a @TED speaker and explores interesting topics like the deeper reasons why we even take photographs in the first place, and how it should be done with intention to enhance your experience instead of making you miss out. Give her a follow for more natural beauty in your feed! 

Zabrina Deng – @zabrinaxyz

Zabrina Deng has traveled the world as a wedding, engagement and portrait photographer. She’s a Sony Artisan and has been featured in a number of wedding-related publications and has earned many professional awards for her work. Her thoughtful compositions help to tell the story of each subject or couple she photographs. Follow her account to see more of her stunning portraiture and more creative works, like the shot below taken with the Sony α9 and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master.

Ashley Jacklyn – @jacklynlune.photos

Ashley Jacklyn is a fashion and portrait photographer and cinematographer. Her photography mainly focuses on fashion and editorial work, lifestyle and stylized portraiture and skin retouching. She uses her Sony α7R III to capture beautiful and bold portraits that truly connect with the subject and bring them to life.

Lizzy Gadd – @elizabethgadd

Lizzy Gadd is a Vancouver-based self-portrait artist and member of the Alpha Collective. She combines self portraits and landscapes to create beautiful and compelling photos. She says she feels most at home in the mountains, forests, fields and ocean, and as you scroll through her account you’ll see that she’s heavily incorporated these natural scenes into her photography. Follow her to see where she takes her next self portrait out in the wild. Shot below taken with the Sony α7R III and Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master.

Anja Kallenbach – @ak21photo

Anja Kallenbach is a landscape, astroscape and wildlife photographer. Her Milky Way and northern lights images are otherworldly - like this shot below taken with the Sony α7R II. She aims to capture emotion in her photography through the magical and colorful view of nature. In addition to photography, she’s also a teacher, cyclist and mountain climber. Follow her to keep up with her next adventure.

Cath Simard – @cathsimard

Cath Simard is a landscape/astroscape photographer and a member of the Alpha Collective. Based in Alberta, Canada, she explores and captures the colorful beauty of the Canadian Rockies in her backyard. She also posts thoughtful captions with her images that tell more of the story behind the photo and how she captured it. If you love those scroll-stopping vibrant and magical landscapes and astroscapes, her account is a must-follow. Shot below taken with the Sony α7R III and Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master

Joanna Claire Sellick – @joannaclairesellick

Joanna Claire Sellick a Sony self-portrait photographer from the UK. She creates whimsical self portraits with her Sony α7R III. For her, the self-portrait process is incredibly personal and she has learned that it’s all about confidence when it comes to posing – “To convince the audience of the character I am portraying, I have to really believe I am that character.” She likes to incorporate a fairy-tale theme and look into her photography, making her Instagram a fun one to follow! 

Ananya Ray – @ananya.ray

Ananya Ray is a member of the Alpha Collective, and her Instagram serves as her own personal photo diary of all her adventures and travels (and there are a lot of them!) From pristine lakes to snow-covered forests to flowing waterfalls, she’s not afraid to get up close with nature and enjoy all that it has to offer. Give her a follow to keep up with her outdoor experiences!


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