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World Cup Fever: See How These Photographers Capture The Most Beautiful Game

With the FIFA World Cup underway, we are loving the way different photographers are capturing the beautiful game. Sports in general can be tough to photograph, and when done well, the images can tell a true story. From gritty to joyful, sports encompass a range of emotions that can come through in imagery. We’ve gathered some top-notch Sony sports photographers who have made great soccer images over the years. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and give them a follow! And, if you don’t already, follow @sonyalpha for more Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

See how these elite sports photographers capture the essence of the most beautiful game.

Jean Fruth - @JeanFruthImages

Sony Artisan, visual storyteller, sports photographer and founder of a non-profit organization Jean Fruth is a fantastic photographer to follow for photographic inspiration. Fruth approaches each game, from grassroots to pros with the same care and creativity and that comes through in her work. Check out Fruth’s top sports storytelling tips HERE.

Jermaine Horton - @jhsportspix

Sony Artisan Jermaine Horton is a portrait, wedding, and sports photographer based in Chicago. Horton consistently creates unique images of sports that blow us away. What ties Horton’s sports and wedding images together is the emotion that comes through each image, along with the care and storytelling. That image really shines through in the shot below. Check out his versatile Sony kit HERE and be sure to give him a follow!

Jason Allen - @jasonallenimagery

Before Jason Allen became a photographer, he was a two time Purple Heart recipient. He then became a well-known landscape photographer and then transitioned to sports photography. He has a great photographic eye that he uses when shooting a variety of sports from volleyball to football to soccer. We love the energy that comes across in the images below.

Amanda Cain - @amandajcain

Amanda Cain is a professional photographer originally from the Metro Detroit area, currently working in San Jose, CA. She is the team photographer for the San Jose Sharks, visually telling the story of the team. In addition to her work for the Sharks, Cain works as a freelance photographer, which is how she made the image below. Shot on the Sony Alpha 1, it’s great to swipe through the carousel and see all the emotion within the game. Learn more about Cain's journey HERE.

Mike Tedesco - @reactionphotog

Mike Tedesco is a freelance sports and performance photographer based in the Seattle, WA area. Whether it's from the sidelines, a theater, or in a studio, Tedesco likes to provide photos that are natural, energetic and capture the personality of people and tells the story of the moment they're in. The images below were taken on the Sony Alpha 1. Tedesco used two lenses on this shoot: the Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master and Sony 70-200 f/2.8 G Master.

Matt Hernandez - @Matthernandez

Senior portrait and sports photographer Matt Hernandez is well known for creating flawless portraits using his Sony gear and Westcott lights. He has a special focus on seniors and sports. We love the two images below, they are great portraits with awesome action. He shot this with the Sony Alpha 1 and a two-light setup. Hernandez’s account is a great one to follow to learn new techniques and lighting setups.

Eliécer Aizprúa Banfield - @dcerk

Eliécer Aizprúa Banfield is a sports photographer based in Panama with a specialty in capturing high action soccer images. His Instagram account is filled with stunning images on the field that also show the deep emotion from the players. You’ll feel like you’re standing next to him on the sidelines.

Glenn Gervot - @glenn_gervot

Glenn Gervot is a freelance photographer based in Paris, France. Gervot photographs many sports including golf, baseball, and soccer. We love the series of images he posted below. Some of these were shot with Gervot’s Sony Alpha 1 with his Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master. The others were shot on his Sony Alpha 9 II and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master II.

Blake Davis - @blakedavis42

Blake Davis is a cinematographer based in Chattanooga, TN. He works on a variety of video projects including wedding films, brand/corporate films and real estate videos. A while back, he shared the video below on his Instagram about the Chattanooga Red Wolves soccer team. Davis shot this on the Sony Alpha 7S III. We love the video work!

Daniela Porcelli - @joerdeli

Daniela Porcelli is a Swiss-Italo based in Switzerland and a member of the Swiss Sportspress and AIPS. She is a freelance photographer with a special emphasis on sports imagery. As you scroll through her Instagram account, you’ll see raw, intense emotions from the athletes. The image below is no exception, we love how she managed to capture the absolute joy on the players' faces.


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