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Alpha Universe YouTube Roundup

In case you missed it, here’s what has recently popped up on the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel:

Brian Smith and Patrick Murphy-Racey – Interview About α9 Major Software Update

Sony recently announced an α9 camera upgrade through major firmware updates. In this video, Sony Artisans of Imagery Brian Smith and Patrick Murphy-Racey share their impressions after testing out the major enhancements to its autofocus performance, image quality and workflow.

Sony α6400 Full Review By iJustine

Vloggers everywhere were excited to hear about the announcement of the new Sony α6400. Creative and vlogger Justine Ezarik (@iJustine) had the opportunity to try it out in advance, and here she shows how to use it to create a simple vlogging setup.

Sony α6400 Full Review By Alpha Collective Member Louis Cole

In this video you’ll see Alpha Collective member and travel vlogger Louis Cole (@FunForLouis) talk through his history of vlogging cameras, working up to the newly announced Sony α6400. See what he has to say about this camera’s new features.

I Love That – Why Jane Kim Uses This Feature For Her Documentary-Style Of Photography

#AlphaCollective member Jane Kim (@_janekim) is a documentary-style photographer who prefers to be discreet when photographing her subjects. This Sony camera feature allows her to get the shots she wants without interfering.

Sony TOUGH SD – Renan Ozturk & Taylor Rees Put TOUGH SD Cards To The Test

Adventure photographer/filmmakers Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees routinely shoot in harsh conditions. In this video, you’ll see them test out the Sony TOUGH SD cards to see if they are up to their standards.

We Are Alpha – How Brooke Shaden Creates Beauty In The Darkness

Sony Artisan Of Imagery Brooke Shaden is a fine art and conceptual photographer who works hard to bring her ideas to life. Watch to see how she approaches her storytelling and why she wants other artists to realize their potential to Be Alpha.

I Love That – Why This Fast Sony Zoom Is Me Ra Koh's Favorite

Sony Artisan Me Ra Koh shares why this Sony G Master lens is her number one choice for photographing everything from families to babies to weddings.


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