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Cool Off This Summer With Images That Beat The Heat

The heat of August can be felt nearly all over the place. High temperatures and high humidity make it daunting to go out and photograph, but these photographers have found a way to create images that beat the heat. From cooling off in the water to cold tasty treats, these images remind us of the fun of summer. Make sure you check out their accounts and give them a follow! Tag your own Sony shots on Instagram with #SonyAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

From cooling off in the water to cold tasty treats, these content creators are making images that remind us of the fun of summer.

Steven John Irby – @stevesweatpants

Alpha Collective member Steven John Irby, also known as Steve Sweatpants is known for his street photography. His Instagram feed is filled with stunning black and white documentary-style street photography. We love the storytelling in this image; we can almost feel the heat of New York in the summer and the screams of joy for these kids as they run through the water. Check out what gear he uses when he’s out shooting for the day HERE.

Renee Hahnel – @reneeroaming

Renee Hahnel beat the heat by taking a dip in the lake after a long hike! She's a photographer, adventurer and member of the Alpha Collective. She travels to epic outdoor locations and creates stunning landscape and self-portrait imagery and reels like the one below. Give her a follow for loads of outdoor inspiration!

Mickie Devries – @mickiedev

Artist and photographer Mickie Devries focuses on documenting children. One of our favorite things about her Instagram account is that almost every post includes the edited and unedited version of her photographs. We love seeing how she uses editing and photoshop to achieve her artistic vision! This photo tells a wonderful story - the viewer knows a huge jump and splash are imminent and can feel the summertime swimming joy.

Lindsay Baca – @sitstaypetphotography

Lindsay Baca is a pet photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Her Instagram feed is filled with stunning shots of man's best friends. And we all know there’s no better way for a dog to beat the heat than by chasing a stick in the water! Baca primarily shoots with her Sony Alpha 9 II and Sony Alpha 7 III. Check out the rest of her go-to gear HERE.

Stacy Howell – @stacyhowellinthewater

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Stacy Howell is a well-known food photographer, but she also has an Instagram account dedicated to time spent in the water. Her underwater Instagram account is a treat on scorching days to think of hours spent in the pool as children. Check out her food imagery and gear list HERE.

Ula Pytlik – @ulapytlik

Ula Pytlik is a photographer based in Rybnik, Poland. Her Instagram account showcases images from her travels taken on her Sony Alpha 6000. She captures many gorgeous places. We love the image below of people swarming the blue-green ocean on a hot summer day in Italy. Follow Pytlik for more great travel photos!

Mira – @lightbender_photo

A great way to beat the heat is by going out and photographing at night! After the sun has dipped below the sky and the temperature begins to dip as well you can make great moonscapes and night imagery. That’s exactly what Mira did in the reel below! She waited for dark and headed out in Reading, Pennsylvania to make this timelapse. Take a look at her Instagram account for more cityscapes at night!

James Ferrara – @jferraragallery

Feeling overheated? Dive underwater! We love this underwater image of a jellyfish taken by James Ferrara. The sunlight beaming down adds a wonderful texture to the frame. Ferrara is a freediver based in south Florida. He’s been honored numerous times in the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition for images taken with his Sony cameras. For more underwater imagery, be sure to follow him on Instagram!

Rinu Anath – @rinuananth

Another great way to cool off in the summer is with ice cream! But be sure to eat it before it melts! Rinu Anath is a food photographer based in Dubai. Her Instagram is filled with mouthwatering images, like the one of the ice cream cone below. We love the simplicity of the imagery and the composition of the frame. The spilled toppings add an extra layer to the image as well.

Hilaire Baumgartner – @baumassfoods

If ice cream isn’t your thing, you can try cooling off with a refreshing drink! This one was photographed by Hilaire Baumgartner. She is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based commercial and editorial photographer who specializes in food and beverage photography. She is known for using bright colors and creative compositions. The drinks in this photo look cool (in every sense of the word) and the greenery and shadows on the edges of the frame make us feel like we’re on a tropical vacation. Baumgartner shoots on the Sony Alpha 7 III. Check out what other gear she uses HERE.


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