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Deck The Halls With Sony Cameras: And See How These Creators Celebrate Vlogmas!

December is a special time of year for many, with end of year and holiday festivities and time spent with family. For a special group of creators, it’s also an important time of year. The vlogging community celebrates Vlogmas! Vlogmas is a holiday tradition on YouTube in which creators post one video every day in December during the run-up to Christmas. Many videos have seasonal themes, from baking Christmas cookies to buying gifts, but many are also just day to day lives of these creators. We love cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate and seeing what’s been shared each day. Here is a roundup of some awesome Sony Vloggers participating in Vlogmas this year! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for fun and inspiring content year-round.

Vlogmas is a holiday tradition on YouTube in which creators post one video every day in December during the run-up to Christmas. See some of the Sony shooters participating this year!

Kameron Monet

Kameron Monet is an attorney, content creator and YouTuber who creates content to show the real behind the scenes of being a non-traditional lawyer living in Birmingham, Alabama. Her content is driven by her passion for all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle, as well as female professionalism and career building. Her goal is to inspire, motivate, and challenge others to work hard, prioritize self-care, and build a life they love. For this day of Vlogmas, Monet films a day in her life, where she spends time with friends, has a photo shoot, and spends some time working. Monet shot this vlog on her Sony ZV-1.

Evangelina Petrakis

Evangelina Petrakis is from Long Island, New York. She loves all things fashion, beauty & travel related and shares that love with her audience on YouTube. The video below is of her seventh day of Vlogmas and it’s a day in her life. In the vlog she takes her viewers with her on a nyc girls night out, a post-socializing wind down, and showcasing her skincare routine. Petrakis films her vlogs on her Sony ZV-1. Check out her channel to keep up with the rest of her Vlogmas adventures!

Becca Watson

Becca Watson is a London-based wellness & lifestyle content creator. Filming on her Sony Alpha 7C and Sony ZV-1 Watson is participating in Vlogmas. In her recent vlogs, she’s been on a girls trip to Paris. Watson’s travel vlogs are great fun to watch on a cold day. Subscribe to her channel to see how the remainder of her Vlogmas goes. 

Jessica Olivia

Vlogger Jessica Olivia a career mom who has transitioned to work from home. She’s been participating in Vlogmas and sharing lots of Christmas content. In the video below, shot on the Sony ZV-1, she’s talking about Christmas cards. If you’re looking to be in the holiday spirit her content is perfect. Check out her channel for more Vlogmas videos.

Seriah Alexus

Seriah Alexus is a content creator who posts vlogs, petite clothing hauls, and personal growth & wellness videos. She is participating in Vlogmas by sharing weekly vlogs, to participate in the challenge but not get burnt out on content creation. In the video below, she shares that she bought herself a new camera. She wanted to upgrade from her heavy Canon to the smaller, more lightweight Sony ZV-1 along with the vlogger kit. We love seeing the great footage she captured on her new camera!


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